Bunjang Korea Proxy & Buying Service Ultimate Guide! (How to Shop and Ship Internationally?)

çBunjang Korea Proxy & Buying Service Ultimate Guide!

What is Bunjang?

Today, let’s talk about the ‘Bunjang Shopping Mall,’ a second-hand trading app service that’s popular not only in South Korea but also abroad.

Bunjang Shopping Mall is a place where you can easily and conveniently trade a variety of items. Here, you can trade everything from clothes, food, cosmetics, used cars, electronic devices, home appliances, to even concert tickets, e-cigarettes, and military supplies. It’s also incredibly popular among international fans for its collection of rare K-pop idol goods!

For user convenience, it’s provided in the form of a smartphone app, which is much simpler than traditional second-hand trading sites. The app’s built-in chat feature, ‘Bunjang Talk,’ helps reduce the risk of leaking personal information like phone numbers or KakaoTalk IDs. Remember, those who want to sell must access the app once with their smartphone to get verified!

Here’s some good news for sellers. You can choose to operate a store as either a personal shop or a professional shop. Most personal shops conduct regular second-hand trades, while professional shops are sometimes operated by offline shops or online malls.

For transactions, most people use ‘Bunjang Talk,’ but it’s also okay to trade via KakaoTalk, phone, or text. However, due to the recent increase in scams using external contact information, it’s safer to use Bunjang Talk.

There are two payment methods available. One is direct transfer to the seller’s account, and the other is a safe transaction method called ‘Bunjang Pay.’ Using Bunjang Pay means the buyer bears a 3.5% fee of the product amount, but it allows for safer transactions. Once the product is received and the purchase is confirmed, the seller can immediately settle the payment.

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[How to Shop in English at Bunjang Mall]

Bunjang Mall Shopping Guide for English Speakers

While Bunjang Mall currently supports only Korean officially, there’s no need to worry! There’s an easy way for English speakers to enjoy shopping too. It’s through the use of Google Chrome’s translation service.

By installing the translation plugin in the Chrome browser, web pages are translated in real-time, allowing you to navigate and purchase from Bunjang Mall’s wide range of fashion items conveniently in English.

International Shipping at Bunjang Market, Is it possible?

Simply, the answer is No. But there is an easy solution!

Currently, Bunjang Market only offers shipping within South Korea and does not provide direct international shipping options.

Orders also require a Korean address and Phone number for processing as you have to communicate with Native Korean seller. But, there’s a workaround for those living outside of Korea.

You can utilize an international shipping forwarding service to get your products from Bunjang Market delivered overseas. These services work by accepting your orders at a Korean address and then forwarding them to your international location.

The method to leverage an international shipping forwarding service is quite simple.

First, find a trustworthy Korean international shipping forwarding company.

When placing your order on Bunjang Market, use the provided Korean address of this forwarding company for delivery. After your order reaches the forwarding company in Korea, they will then ship it to your address abroad.

This solution enables those residing outside of Korea to access the diverse and unique items available on Bunjang Market.

How to Guide to Shopping at Bunjang Mall without Korean language & address.

Let me explain how to purchase and receive items from the Bunjang Market.

Selecting the Product

First, choose the product you want to buy from the Bunjang Market. Send us the link to this product via our “Request Form“.

Process Confirmation and Shipping Cost Estimation

After submitting the form, our native staff, fluent in both Korean and English, will contact you within 1-2 hours. They will provide detailed information about the purchase process and the shipping costs.

Payment of the Service Fee and Product Purchase

Once you pay the service fee, our staff will directly contact the seller on the Bunjang Market and purchase the product on your behalf. All you need to do is wait comfortably.

International Shipping

After the purchase is complete, we will proceed to ship the product to the address you provided. The inspection to ensure that the product arrives safely is a free service, so don’t worry!

This is a convenient way to purchase and receive wonderful products from the Bunjang Market from anywhere in the world. Experience the joy of shopping at the Bunjang Market!


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