CL: A Spotlight on Her Controversial Moments and Misunderstandings

CL: A Spotlight on Her Controversial Moments and Misunderstandings

CL: A Spotlight on Her Controversial Moments and Misunderstandings

Remarks on Asian Women

In August 2015, CL faced criticism over comments made in an interview with Paper Magazine, where she appeared to stereotype Asian women as “basic” and “obedient,” which many considered to be racially insensitive. However, it was later clarified that these comments were a misrepresentation of her actual views. CL has consistently expressed her desire to break down stereotypes and empower Asian women, highlighting their strength and individuality in numerous interviews, including a notable 2013 Billboard interview. This incident brought to light the challenges of media distortion and the impact it can have on public perception.

Quran Verse in Music Controversy

During her 2016 North America-Canada tour, CL accidentally used a version of her song “MTBD” that contained an unedited sample from the Quran, despite previous controversies and edits to remove it. This oversight led to significant backlash from the Muslim community, prompting the hashtag #cl_stop_using_our_quran on Twitter. CL responded quickly by changing the music to the edited version starting from her Dallas performance on November 6, standing still during the controversial part as a sign of respect and reflection. She issued an apology via social media, taking full responsibility for the mistake and ensuring such an oversight would not occur again.

Taxi High-heel Photo Incident

In January 2017, CL posted a photo on Instagram, which was taken inside a Japanese taxi with her lifting a high heel towards the driver’s seat, alongside Japanese designer Yoon Do Yoshi. The image was perceived as disrespectful by some, sparking debate online about cultural sensitivity and manners. The post was later removed, but the incident highlighted the scrutiny public figures face over their social media content.

Dispute with YG Entertainment

In 2018, CL publicly expressed her frustrations with her then-agency, YG Entertainment, hinting at neglect through a series of Instagram posts that seemed to target Yang Hyun-suk, the agency’s CEO. She questioned why her projects were stalled, despite having completed songs and music videos ready for release. This led to public speculation about her being sidelined by the agency. The contract dispute ended with CL leaving YG Entertainment in October 2019 after her contract expired, reflecting ongoing challenges artists face within large entertainment industries.

Unexpected Audience Interaction at University Festival

During a performance at Chung-Ang University in September 2022, an incident occurred where a male audience member unexpectedly joined CL on stage. Rather than showing distress, CL handled the situation with composure, hugging the man and continuing her performance, which was later praised for her professionalism. The university later apologized for the security lapse, highlighting the importance of safety measures during public events.

Throughout her career, CL has navigated a path filled with both acclaim and controversy. Each incident has shaped her as a public figure known for her resilience and commitment to her artistic expression and integrity. As she continues to influence the global music scene, CL remains a symbol of strength and transformation in the face of adversity.


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