The Tragic Tale of Goo Hara: Controversy, Legal Battles, Suicide and Her Untimely Death

The Tragic Tale of Goo Hara: Controversy, Legal Battles, Suicide and Her Untimely Death

The Tragic Tale of Goo Hara: Controversy, Legal Battles, and Her Untimely Death

Instagram Controversy Involving Tobacco

In the early hours of July 26, 2017, Goo Hara shared a photo on her Instagram that appeared to show rolling tobacco. Accompanying the image was a caption that mentioned the tobacco had a “sour taste,” which she quickly deleted, possibly due to accidentally posting it on her public account instead of a private one. The image, taken in a bar setting, sparked immediate speculation among netizens about whether it involved marijuana. This incident came at a time when several celebrities were being scrutinized for marijuana use, prompting Hara to clarify that the photo was merely her showing curiosity about rolling tobacco, not any illegal substance.

Legal Battle with Choi Jong-bum

Goo Hara’s tumultuous relationship with her ex-boyfriend Choi Jong-bum culminated in a high-profile legal battle. This legal strife included allegations of assault and blackmail by Choi, involving threats to release compromising videos of Hara. The conflict was extensively covered in the media, reflecting the societal impact of privacy violations and domestic abuse.

Suicide Attempts

The first publicized suicide attempt by Goo Hara occurred on September 5, 2018, amid personal and professional turmoil. Initially, her agency dismissed the rumors, citing her hospitalization was due to treatment for insomnia and indigestion. However, the situation took a grim turn with another suicide attempt on May 26, 2019, which became widely known after her manager found her unconscious at home due to smoke inhalation. Her recovery was closely watched, with fans and the general public offering support. Goo Hara’s struggles highlighted the intense pressures faced by celebrities and opened up conversations about mental health in South Korea.


Tragically, Goo Hara was found deceased in her Seoul home on November 24, 2019, by her housekeeper, leading to widespread mourning across the nation and among international fans. Investigations concluded that there was no foul play involved, and a handwritten note expressing despair was found, pointing to suicide. The news of her death came shortly after the death of her close friend, fellow artist Sulli, adding to the shock and raising issues regarding the mental health challenges faced by idols.

Legacy and Remembrance

Goo Hara’s death prompted a significant outpouring of grief from fans, celebrities, and the public. Her funeral was conducted privately in respect to her family’s wishes, with her former KARA members and friends attending to pay their respects. In memory of her contributions to K-pop and the harsh spotlight she lived under, discussions about celebrity mental health care and the pressures of fame have become more prominent.

Goo Hara’s story is a sobering reminder of the vulnerabilities that often come with celebrity. Her life and untimely demise continue to influence discussions on the need for better support systems for public figures and the importance of addressing mental health issues with the seriousness they require.


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