Summary of Kang Daniel’s Controversies

Summary of Kang Daniel’s Controversies

Summary of Kang Daniel’s Controversies

3. Relationship and Breakup with TWICE’s Jihyo

On August 5, 2019, Dispatch revealed that Kang Daniel was dating Jihyo, the leader of TWICE. Both agencies confirmed the relationship, stating that the two were seeing each other with mutual affection.

The timing of this revelation seemed malicious. Dispatch usually refrains from reporting on rookie artists’ relationships, especially near their debut dates. However, in Kang Daniel’s case, they chose the worst possible time, right around his debut as a solo artist. Dispatch left traces of inputting the article two weeks earlier, indicating they were following him closely until the album release period. Despite these signs, people criticized Kang Daniel for the timing of the news release. Some fans were also unhappy about the relationship itself.

Meanwhile, a journalist falsely reported that Kang Daniel was hosting loud parties, which a supposed neighbor refuted, claiming there was no noise. Another reporter inaccurately claimed to have seen Kang Daniel moving out of his home.

On the night the dating news broke, Kang Daniel expressed his feelings to his fans, apologizing for the relationship and thanking them for their support. He emphasized his commitment to repay the love he had received from his fans.

Speculation about the couple’s breakup emerged after rumors from various sources, including YouTube channels and misstatements in interviews. However, no official breakup announcement was made until November 10, 2020, when both agencies confirmed that they had naturally grown apart due to their busy schedules.

4. Depression, Panic Disorder, and Hiatus Due to Malicious Comments

On December 3, 2019, shortly after releasing his digital single “TOUCHIN'” and winning first place on The Show, Kang Daniel shared his troubled state of mind with his fans on his fan café. Despite his struggles with his former agency, he had kept his feelings private until then.

Kang Daniel was accused of manipulating charts to achieve his win on The Show, although Gaon Chart confirmed the legitimacy of the data. Fans and antis continued to attack him, unable to understand the chart aggregation methods.

In his heartfelt post, Kang Daniel repeatedly expressed his distress, mentioning the impact of malicious rumors and the toll they took on his mental health. The following day, his agency announced his hiatus, citing his diagnosis of depression and panic disorder, exacerbated by recent activities.

Kang Daniel had been suffering since early 2019 due to conflicts with his former agency, which worsened with Dispatch’s timing of the dating news, further increasing malicious comments. These comments distorted his every action and word, resulting in severe personal attacks.

Legal action was taken against individuals spreading false rumors, and Kang Daniel continued to monitor and respond to malicious posts, although his attempt to shut down a specific gallery on DC Inside failed due to freedom of expression laws. The court ruled that closing the gallery wouldn’t stop the spread of harmful comments, which could continue on other platforms.

4.2. Successful Comeback and Recovery

Following reports of his stabilized condition, Kang Daniel resumed his activities by late December 2019, starting with charity contributions. He prepared for a comeback and announced his return in a handwritten letter to his fan club on January 29, 2020. He successfully returned to the music scene with his first mini-album “CYAN” on March 24, 2020.

5. Misogyny Controversy

On July 19, 2022, during a private chat with fans, Kang Daniel made comments comparing his experience as the MC of “Street Man Fighter” favorably to “Street Woman Fighter,” implying he found working with men less exhausting. This comment sparked backlash, and when a fan confronted him about it, he responded dismissively, leading to further criticism. Kang Daniel later issued an apology on Instagram, acknowledging his thoughtlessness.

6. Advertising Mishap During Live Broadcast

On November 8, 2022, during the live finale of “Street Man Fighter,” Kang Daniel mistakenly thanked the rival brand of the show’s main sponsor. The following day, he apologized through his agency, explaining the mix-up was due to the intense atmosphere of the live event. The broadcast was edited to remove the mistake, and the issue was resolved with an apology to the sponsors.

Kang Daniel’s journey has been marked by significant controversies, often fueled by malicious intent and misunderstandings. Despite these challenges, he has shown resilience, maintaining his career and continuing to engage with his fans.


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