Everything about Kim Chaewon, LE SSERAFIM, ex boyfriend, rumors..etc

Everything about Kim Chaewon, LE SSERAFIM, ex boyfriend, rumors..etc

Kim Chaewon, a prominent South Korean singer, is the leader and member of the five-member girl group LE SSERAFIM, under Source Music. She was born on August 1, 2000, in Poil-dong, Gangnam District, Seoul (now known as Gaepo-dong, Gangnam District, Seoul). She comes from a family with both parents, an older sister born in 1994, and a cousin named Kim Wootak. She also has a Pomeranian named Shiro.

Early Life and Education

Chaewon attended Poil Elementary School and Guryong Middle School before transferring from Gaepo High School to Hanlim Multi Art School, where she graduated from the Department of Practical Music. Her journey in music started early, participating in a KBS songwriting competition in 2012 as part of the “Poil Choir.”

Pre-debut Activities

During high school, she was active in the RCY service club and described by classmates as quiet and reserved, which changed as she pursued a career in entertainment. Before joining IZ*ONE through Mnet’s “Produce 48,” she was a trainee at Woollim Entertainment for 11 months. She made her first music video appearance in Golden Child’s “LET ME” music video in 2018.

Career with IZ*ONE

Chaewon debuted with IZ*ONE on October 29, 2018, and actively participated until the group’s disbandment in April 2021. She was known for her stability and versatility as a performer, which was remarkable given her relatively short training period.

LE SSERAFIM and Leadership

On May 2, 2022, Chaewon re-debuted with LE SSERAFIM. As the second oldest and due to her familiarity with Korean language and culture over foreign member Sakura, she naturally assumed the role of the leader. Her leadership style is marked by a close, supportive relationship with her members, aiming to be approachable and dependable.

Personal Life and Public Image

Chaewon is known for her calm and level-headed personality, though she is also capable of playful and mischievous moments that endear her to fans and colleagues alike. She has embraced her role as a leader in LE SSERAFIM, showing significant growth from her IZ*ONE days.

Musicality and Public Appeal

As a vocalist, Chaewon is praised for her clear and melodious voice, suitable for both pop and ballad tracks. Her participation in “Produce 48” showcased her potential early on, helping her stand out among competitors and eventually leading to her central role in IZ*ONE and LE SSERAFIM.

Kim Chaewon remains a significant figure in K-pop, recognized for her artistic abilities, leadership qualities, and the profound transformation from a reserved trainee to a prominent idol and leader in the highly competitive music industry.


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