Dive into Korean Reading: Top 5 Online Korean Bookstores You Must Visit

Top 5 Online Korean Bookstores

Korea is not just well known for its outstanding make-up brandlines, skincare products and mesmerizing fashion styles, they also secure their spot in their growing availability of Korean books on global online bookstores. It is undeniable that Korean books can be found on some platforms such as Kindle, Millie’s Library that offer a superior experience for Korean ebook enthusiasts.

If you’re into Korean literature and looking for online Korean Bookstores, look no further! Let me help you discover the best places to find it. These are the Top 5 Online Korean Bookstores that cater to all your preferences you should know about!


Established in 1997, Interpark is Korea’s pioneering e-commerce business offering a range of four categories: tours, tickets (for live events, concerts, and festivals), online shopping, and books. Interpark Books, in particular, rose into popularity due to its extraordinary discounts and exciting giveaways, such as freebies, promos, and gift cards. As a matter of fact, Interpark Books is a great option in exploring Korean books online. Their website is available only in Korean; however, they are now working on it to make it accessible internationally. Make sure to avail their discounts before purchasing the item to get many freebies and gift cards. 

11st BOOKS

11st Book was established in 2008 by SK Group, a prominent South Korean conglomerate and is a  leading ecommerce website in Korea. It has been known that 11st Book is one of the largest platforms in the country with over 47 million members. All thanks to their collaboration with Amazon because everyone can now enjoy browsing the convenience! This bookstore greatly offers valuable service for all book lovers. 

Let me give you a tip first book worms, before you make a trip to a lot of major Korean bookstores, you can first use the 11st Books to check if the books you desire are available at discounted prices. Interestingly, this benefit allows you to make informed decisions and potentially save money on your purchases.


To comic enthusiasts, Comic Plaza is your ultimate place to choose from. As one of the 

top offline comic stores in Daegu, their comic bookshelves cover more than 400 square meters of a wide range of comic books, special merchandise, and illustration artworks. It is convenient to explore their website for Korean comics, webtoon comics, or Korean-translated comics and purchase them. 


Aladdin is a Korean Bookstore that has 55 stores spread across Korea. Their extensive selection of books offers customers to find new CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays at discounted rates. Additionally, their bookstore offers a treasure trove of limited goodies at affordable prices. 

Marking their bookstore name as the first large-scale offline used bookstore in Korea, they revolutionized the traditional perception of such stores. Aladdin left the dull and unexciting used bookstores as they unlocked a new life into the industry. Their store became a vibrant hub with people bustling every weekend. Aladdin bookstore brought a great impact because it influenced other major bookstores to rethink their approach to used books.


Kyobo Bookstore started in 1980 wherein they proudly hold the title as the largest bookstore in Korea. They center their store in the belief that people make books, books make people. They played a pivotal role in shaping the Korean book industry, setting a precedent as the first to offer online book sales. Their bookstore extends from an extensive collection spanning literature to music and caters to the diverse interests of both book enthusiasts and fans of Korean culture.

 If you are planning your future trip to Korea, don’t miss this opportunity to visit Kyobo Books Gwanghwamun branch because it is one of the country’s top destinations. It is the largest bookstore in Korea spanning over an impressive 8,900 square meters. Kyobo Bookstore is one of the few bookstores registered under the Future Heritage of Seoul program. However, their website is currently only available in Korean, which may pose a navigation challenge for non-Korean speakers, despite its user-friendly interface, but worry not! You can still utilize Korean-English translation tools.


Sit back and relax as you browse towards these Korean Bookstores. Reading Korean Literature does not just offer new learnings from their culture, but also elevates your horizon on the interesting country they have!

es your horizon on the interesting country they have!