Everything You Need to Know About Jeon Jong-seo

Everything You Need to Know About Jeon Jong-seo

Everything You Need to Know About Jeon Jong-seo

South Korean actress Jeon Jong-seo made her stunning debut with the May 17, 2018 release of director Lee Chang-dong’s movie “Burning,” which led her straight to the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. In 2020, she left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide with her role as a psychopathic serial killer in the Netflix film “Call.” Notable for her intense visual appeal, deep, expressive eyes, and a gentle voice that contradicts her bold exterior, Jong-seo has quickly become a notable figure in the film industry.

Jong-seo spent her childhood moving between South Korea and Canada, eventually moving to Canada for middle school. Fluent in English, she goes by the English name “Rachel” and even signs her name as such. Her favorite ice cream flavors are mint chocolate, chocolate forest, and green tea, and she’s known to use Instagram Stories to share bits of her life, including the fact that she does not use KakaoTalk to avoid group chats.

Despite her tall stature, she revealed on the variety show “Knowing Bros” that she has exceptionally small feet for her height, wearing a size 215mm. She’s also a fan of the 90s K-pop group Roo’ra, a detail highlighted by the fact that their first album was released just days before she was born. During the filming of “Call,” she enjoyed listening to Seo Taiji’s songs and even indulged in two packs of strawberries used as props.

Jeon Jong-seo’s work in “Burning” brought her to the Cannes Film Festival, but her uncomfortable demeanor, in contrast to co-star Yoo Ah-in’s smiles, sparked controversy. Later, she explained that personal issues were the cause of her discomfort. In February 2023, she shared the sad news of her father’s passing and opened up about his long battle with atrophy, which had been a source of significant personal pain.

Her filmography reveals a preference for unique, often challenging roles, from her debut to playing characters like psychopaths, underworld figures, and supernatural beings. However, she’s set to show a new side in the upcoming TVN romantic comedy drama “Wedding Impossible,” where she’ll play a more relatable, endearing character.

Jeon Jong-seo is currently in a relationship with director Lee Chung-hyun, whom she met during the filming of “Call.” They developed a good rapport, which later blossomed into a romantic relationship, and they worked together again in “Ballerina.”

A noteworthy aspect of Jeon’s career is her rapid rise to fame, from her Cannes debut to a successful transition into Hollywood. Despite her success, she has maintained a humble persona, often compared for her voice to actress Park Eun-bin. Interestingly, she is a huge fan of the girl group TWICE, particularly member Momo, with whom she has exchanged social media interactions and personal messages.

After her contract ended with My Company in mid-2022, she signed with Andmarq. She’s known for her love of perfumes, owning hundreds, and has a straightforward approach to selecting projects, focusing on what interests her the most.

Although initially hesitant about romance genres, her experience filming “Wedding Impossible” has changed her perspective, and she’s now open to exploring more light-hearted roles. She’s shifted from her previous preference for intense dramas to enjoying lighter series, influenced by her recent projects.

Jong-seo is a self-professed coffee lover, but she quit coffee while shooting “Wedding Impossible,” which she believes helped her diet. A collector of scratch-off stickers, she enjoys gathering them from various locations. She’s also a devoted fan of the reality show “I Live Alone,” though she’s yet to appear due to living with her mother.

An interesting tidbit from her life outside acting is her involvement in baseball, having thrown the first pitch at several significant games, showing her love for the sport extends beyond the screen.


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