Korean Jewelry Gems: Top 5 Online Stores to Explore

Korean Jewelry Gems: Top 5 Online Stores to Explore

South Korea has long been known for its outstanding beauty industry and vibrant fashion style that could stir your radar. The jewelry season is perfect when you feel like you want to complete your look. Sometimes, we think that our clothes and outfits for any occasion are enough, however adding up some accessories can make it more mesmerizing, but it is not easy to find a unique item to match your outfits. With that, the Korean designers built their own jewelry brands to help you. 

Korean jewelry brands captured the hearts of millions of beauty-enthusiast around the world for its quality and designs! Among its beauty style, these splendid Korean Jewelry Gems will totally complete your look. 

If you’re interested in dazzling rings and bracelets, please be captivated because you can only grab these jewelry gems in these five trusted stores.

Here are the Top 5 Korean Brands for you to check out: 

 1. Joomi Lim

Photo credit: @joomilim on Instagram

Joomi Lim Jewelry Brand is the perfect place to run if you want to venture in creating a culmination of spikes, studs, and chic punk Korean jewelry, with a feminine and elegant theme. The design of this brand is easily recognizable as it features swerves, lines, and patterns that give each piece a royal feel and modern look. 

If you are an avid fan of pearl jewelry, do not miss out Joomi Lim brand because pearls seem to be the “breath” of any collection launched by Joomi Lim.

Explore her official website: joomilim.com/

2. Beauton

Photo credit: @beauton_official on Instagram

If you are looking for any minimalistic style, Beauton Jewelry brand store is here to serve your looks! This is the go-to brand for minimalistic people and to those who enjoy chic and sleek design. This jewelry collection was launched in 2016, and Kayoung Kim is the owner of the brand, majoring in sculpture that influenced her refined and clean designs. The Beauton jewelries are handcrafted with sterling silver and made with the thought of creating an artwork. 

Peruse their Instagram account to allow you in meeting the artistic, modern, and high-end brand of Korean jewelry. Just click on the link provided to visit Beauton’s official website. 

3. Momentel 모멘텔 주얼리

Photo source: momentel.co.kr 

In the realm of motifs of nature and orientalism, Momentel Jewelry brand stands out as it has its own distinct color. The materials are gemstones, mother-of-pearl, and seashells. This brand also focuses on natural beauty. In addition to the artistic nobility and the antique charm peculiar to the east, each piece of jewelry of Momentel is not just any jewelry to wear, but it also conveys a deep and cozy aesthetic. The designers in this brand use meaningful Chinese characters like good fortune and love as a unique part of their jewelry brand. 

Momentel does not just beautify your overall look, but it also brings you unconventionally attractive pieces, set deep in the Oriental culture. This is perfect for you if you have a more artistic tendency. Just pick a style that speaks to you! 

Just visit Momentel Jewelry’s Instagram or just click on the link provided to visit their official website. 

4. J. Estina (제이에스티나)

Photo credit: https://www.jestina.com/en/

You shouldn’t miss the J. Estina jewelry! I have come across too many best jewelry brands in Korea and J. Estina is always on the list. Dating back 2003, this was the first Korean brand to introduce bridge jewelry and now has inspired other domestic jewelry brands to innovate their designs constantly. Additionally, J. Estina jewelry was the one who created Kim Yu-na’s trademark which is her “crown earrings” that sold “hot cakes” during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. You can also watch IU in her korean drama ‘Hotel de Luna’ spotted wearing Jestina jewels.

Its designs that are all about European royalty sets it apart from the rest. When you think about Jestina, just think about elegant crowns for princesses, fancy tiaras, and regal jewels fit for a queen. This jewelry brand is perfect if you want to add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe. What are you waiting for? Click and visit their online shop for you to explore their collections!


5. Monday Edition (먼데이 에디션)

Photo credit: https://en.monday-edition.co.kr/

This Korean Jewelry Brand Store, Monday Edition is known and popular in providing customers with unique and trendy jewelry designs that no Korean fashion insider would not know about this store. The materials of the jewelry designs are made from acrylic, gold, silver, pearl, etc. You can try layering your accessories if you want to achieve bold styling. Just visit Monday Edition’s Instagram or just click on the link provided to visit their official website. 

  • Address: 1F 57 11-gil Daesagwan-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (Hannam-dong)
  • Website: monday-edition.co.kr 
  • Instagram: mondayeditionseoul 
  • Phone Number: +82 (0)2 794 5922
  • Email: me@monday-edition.com  


As these Korean Jewelry is popular for its minimalistic and sophisticated designs, the uniqueness of their luxury pieces made them stand out from the market, making sure that whatever piece you purchase will adapt to your taste and choice.


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