San E: The Scandals and Controversies of the South Korean Rapper/Singer

San E: The Scandals and Controversies of the South Korean Rapper/Singer

San E’s Controversies: A Glimpse Into the Rapper’s Troubled Journey

The Outburst at Owl Festival and Allegations of Disrespect

In 2014, San E found himself at the center of controversy during the Owl Festival. Accusations flew when the event’s music director exposed San E for alleged misconduct towards the staff, compounded by his tardiness to the event. Matters escalated when a photo surfaced of San E seemingly flipping off the audience while bowing in apology, sparking rumors that his gesture was insincere. Despite his agency’s denial, the music director released a second exposé, deepening the scandal.

The SNS Incident: A Question of Privacy

Fast forward to March 17, 2016, San E stirred up further controversy by posting a photo on Instagram that showcased a fellow diner’s exposed buttocks, accompanied by a flippant “Oh no” comment. The post, which was later deleted without apology or explanation, drew widespread criticism for its apparent disregard for privacy.

The “Soribada Style” Lyric Controversy

November 2016 saw San E under fire again for his choice of lyrics in Lil Cham’s song “Ride,” where he mentioned “Soribada style,” referencing a notorious, now-defunct website associated with sexual crimes. The line sparked outrage for seemingly trivializing a serious issue, further tarnishing San E’s reputation.

The Irene Incident: A Questionable Gesture

At a special KBS show in Ansan City celebrating the 25th anniversary of Korea-Vietnam diplomatic relations, San E’s interaction with Red Velvet’s Irene caused a stir. San E draped his arm over Irene’s shoulder, making a mocking gesture that left her visibly uncomfortable. Although Brand New Music initially downplayed the incident, the lack of a formal apology or clarification from San E left fans divided.

The Diss Battles

San E’s career has also been marked by high-profile diss battles with fellow rappers, such as BewhY and Jerry.K, reflecting the competitive nature of the hip-hop scene but also contributing to his controversial public image.

The BrandNew Year 2018 Concert Backlash

During the BrandNew Year 2018 concert, San E faced vocal criticism from the audience, including derogatory slogans and objects thrown on stage. His response to the hostile reception, where he dismissed the critics as mentally ill, only fueled the controversy. Subsequent actions, including a lawsuit threat against SBS for biased reporting, further highlighted the complexities of his relationship with the media and public.

The “I♥Molka” Editing Scandal

In January 2019, an MBC broadcast of San E’s performance featured the controversial message “I♥Molka,” which was edited to exclude San E’s denouncement of hidden camera crimes. This incident, later clarified by San E through rehearsal footage, pointed to potential manipulation by the media but did little to quell the ongoing debate about his stance on sensitive issues.

San E’s career has been a rollercoaster of artistic achievements and public controversies. From accusations of insensitivity and disrespect to battles with the media, his journey underscores the precarious balance between creative expression and public perception in the digital age.


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