5 Cost-Effective Ways to Send Packages from South Korea to the USA 

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Send Packages from South Korea to the USA 

Table of Contents

  1. Dropshipping
  2. Korean International Shipping Partners
  3. Package Forwarding (You Buy, We Ship)
  4. Personal Shopper Services
  5. Group Order Management Services

Have you ever wondered what are the cost effective ways to send packages from South Korea to the USA? In today’s dynamic online shopping landscape, the allure of Korean products, ranging from coveted beauty items and K-pop merchandise to essential computer accessories, has transcended borders, capturing the attention of consumers worldwide especially the USA. 

However, the convenience of ordering internationally has become much more expensive. The costs associated with shipping items from South Korea to the USA have seen a noticeable increase. For those engaged in online commerce, strategically minimizing these expenses becomes pivotal. 

When it comes to the cost of sending packages to the US from South Korea depends on the type of shipping mode, the volume of the package, and the goods inside the package. Additionally, shipping costs can differ based on these factors, as well as the time of year. However, during peak seasons like holidays, one can anticipate a higher cost in shipping. 

If you’re looking for affordable and cheap US shipments for your e-commerce business or simply want to order products for your personal use, we have prepared here the top 5 cost effective ways to send packages from South Korea to the USA. 

Package Forwarding (You Buy, We Ship)

If your intention is to save shipping fee costs on your purchased items internationally, Package Forwarding (You Buy, We Ship) is the perfect option to send products to your desired location. The service operators of Package Forwarding are frequently entities involved in freight forwarding or third-party logistics. These operators have the capability to provide more economical international shipping rates compared to the merchants directly.

Personal Shopper Services

In these times where it can be hard to find high-quality or reasonably-priced products, Personal Shopper Services greatly offers cost effective ways to deliver your packages from South Korea to the USA. Even if you are ordering items online or importing goods, it can be challenging to shop in a vast selection of Korean markets.  


Dropshipping is the perfect option to scale your large e-commerce business that receives a high volume of orders. Dropshipping enables you to retail products from diverse suppliers without the need to manage product stocking or uphold a substantial inventory. Additionally, partnering with a dropship supplier alleviates the burdens associated with these tasks. This arrangement allows you to concentrate on boosting sales and maximizing profits without the logistical challenges of inventory maintenance.

Korean International Shipping Partners

A lot of orders can be a headache, but with Korean International Shipping Partners, you have to work with a courier to help you in shipping your items to multiple locations worldwide. Collaborating with shipping partners enables you to deliver your products cheaper and faster to your customers, typically at a significantly reduced cost compared to using your own fleet. These partners boast expansive warehouse capacities, well-established supply chain networks, and a dedicated company fleet, resulting in some of the most cost-effective shipping rates available from South Korea.

Group Order Management Services

In certain scenarios, there arises a need for a specific order fulfillment channel to cater to a large group of customers, whether it involves followers of a K-pop band or a community business managed on social media. To streamline the processing of group orders, it’s possible to consolidate multiple products into a single package for each individual group member. When managing events or maintaining product inventory for a particular customer group, it becomes imperative to coordinate deliveries to meet specified deadlines.

Utilizing our group order service, you also have the option to divide bulk orders into smaller packages. For delicate items, we offer specialized protective plastic packaging to safeguard your shipment from potential damage. The status of your orders can be conveniently tracked on our dashboard, keeping you informed about the progress of your deliveries.

Avant Korea’s ‘You Buy, We Ship’ Service

Our ‘You Buy and Delivery’ service only needs to begin ordering and shipping products from Korean stores and online retailers. All you have to do is tell us what you already bought (using our free Korean address), and we’ll ship it to you.

Simply send me the product link, and I’d like you to imagine it as an integrated Korean product personal shopper that ships to Korea, checks the packaging, and then ships to your country.
It’s a very reasonable solution because it avoids the need for complicated shipping and addressing procedures.

Consider it a personal shopping assistant with the added benefits of package integration and worldwide shipping from the comfort of your own home. Because everything is done online, you will save time and money!

How to Apply for the Service Immediately

To submit a request, go to the ‘Request Page’ and fill out the requirement form.

You can enter details such as the item you want to buy, your personal address, and other pertinent information here.

After submitting the form, one of our native Korean agents will contact you as soon as possible to provide the final product budget and additional information.


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