Top 5 Korean Online Pet Stores

Top 5 Korean Online Pet Stores

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  2. PetFriends
  3. Sujin Pet
  4. Queen & Puppy
  5. Petoria Global

When it comes to human’s great confidants, the source of joy, and the creators of countless heartwarming moments, pets do truly hold a special place in our hearts. As devoted pet parents, it’s only fitting that we reciprocate their unconditional love by ensuring they have the finest supplies, treats, and nourishment. Yet, the quest for top websites online for Korean pet stores can sometimes be a challenge, especially depending on your location and lifestyle.

In this quest, a lot of Korean pet owners have turned to the convenience of online shopping for their furry companions. These reliable top websites for pet stores online for Korean pet owners have turned to the convenience of online shopping for their furry companions. 

In this article we have compiled the top 5 Korean Online Pet Stores that greatly specialize in offering an extensive range of pet supplies, from food and supplements to toys, catering specifically to the Korean market. These stores make it effortless for pet lovers worldwide to access premium products and have them delivered right to their doorstep. If you’re on the lookout for quality pet supplies online in Korea but unsure where to start, join us as we unveil the top five Korean online pet stores that deserve a spot on your virtual shopping list!


SCHPET is an online pet supply and lifestyle store in Korea that offers a variety of affordable amenities for your pets to choose from. You can find essential items on their website like food, litter boxes, toys, bedding and more. They also have items that don’t belong to their main categories like collars, leashes, and harnesses. 

Moreover, the store provides amazing products for pet owners, like matching and pet-friendly apparel for you to have the same outfit as your beloved pet. SCHPET website has hot deals and fantastic discounts to avail when you buy your favorite pet products. What are you waiting for? Purchase Korean dog and cat accessories from their online store to make your pet more adorable.


This is Korea’s top online pet store, PetFriends is offering a wide selection of pet-related items and delivering them domestically in just an hour. The advantage of using PetFriends website is that it is accessible to all customers by providing English and Korean languages. Try to explore, it’s very easy to browse.

PetFriends website also features analysis of customer preference and data-based recommendation tool. This tool assesses the customer’s pet and suggests pet supplies and items based on their type, breed, age, and size, utilizing a wide database of information on over 700,000 animals. According to customer’s past purchases, PetFriends recommends different pet supplies and items that are suited to the pet’s specific needs, which is beneficial for new pet owners who are uncertain about choosing a product. 

Sujin Pet

Sujin Pet is a leading online pet store that specializes primarily in dog supplies and products. They offer a wide range of items, including quality chew toys, trending clothing options, and everything for your pet needs. As an e-commerce pet product platform, Sujin Pet also offers products for pets such as food and treats, toys, hygiene products, and many more. If you are looking for dog food, snacks, beauty and bath products, training supplies, cat grooming products, fashionable items, pet accessories, visit Sujin Pet website to check out your order.

Queen & Puppy

Queen & Puppy is a renowned online pet store that provides a range of quality pet products, supplies, and brands. Considered as one of Korea’s top online pet stores, Queen & Puppy offers amazing breeds of puppies for adoption. Necessities such as food, litter boxes, toys, bedding, and more are available on their website. Also, Queen & Puppy has a wide selection of apparel and accessories for dogs and cats, such as t-shirts, beds, and toys. They are famous for having access to premium and world-class pet-related products on a shopping website. Renowned pet brands like Pet Prime, ANF, Now, Finniki, Royal Arcana, Doctor Care, Froden Plague, and Doggy Man are available for pet owners to buy the best products on the market. 

Petoria Global

Petoria Global has successfully made a name in the pet business by providing premium-quality products and delicious pet food and healthy treats. They have a unique business that features private labeling, dropshipping, and manufacturing products related to pets. If you are interested in creating your own pet brand, you can partner with Petoria Global to acquire their excellent manufacturing and product services. 


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