Best Guide to Shopping for Furniture in Korea You’ll Surely Love!

Best Guide to Shopping for Furniture in Korea You’ll Surely Love!

The moment you move here in South Korea, one thing that comes to your mind first is to buy furniture. Purchasing furniture for your new homes requires a long-term commitment since we don’t want something that doesn’t last for a long time, right? If you want to replace some of the outdated furniture, there are two things that you like to consider: it must look pleasing and be durable enough to withstand your everyday life in Korea. 

In this article we have prepared the Best Guide to Shopping for Furniture in Korea that I know you’ll surely love. There are two choices: the Online Furniture and Offline Furniture. Take a look and happy shopping!

Online Furniture Shopping 

When it comes to furniture that we purchased online, we have to put in mind that most of them do not deliver immediately because of the size of the items. For the smaller items of furniture, you must use postal delivery and these can arrive within 1-4 working days. However, for larger items like TV stands and sofa, the online stores use a separate courier to deliver items and they just ask for additional fees and it will arrive to you in 2 weeks. 

Additionally, there are also free shipping vouchers in most areas of Seoul like Busan. In terms of additional costs, those areas outside of Seoul charge for extra shipping, there are also additional shipping fees if your home has no elevator or if they have to use a ladder truck to lift the furniture to your home.  

These popular Online Stores are Coupang and Gmarket  and with just a few taps, you can now get your good furniture options! 

Always keep in mind to read all the product specifications for the details on the shipping costs and assembly fees. Here are the vast number of options for online stores where you can purchase the best furniture in Korea. 

IKEA Korea

 IKEA is one of the most popular iconic Swedish designs and their DIY furniture brands to shop online. IKEA has both online and offline stores in both English and Korean language. It might be tricky if you’re still new to Korea because of their use of local payment services. You can request for them to deliver and assemble products at your home for an additional fee.

Fun tip, because they have intricate assembly instructions, many third party handymen or assembly services charge a premium for assembling IKEA items so it is always best to use the original Ikea service people to assemble your items.Also, reselling their furniture, especially big, intricate pieces, can be tough due to the high assembly cost. Check their website for more!

Modern House

Korean interior styles are best known for their minimalistic designs, you should take time to browse Modern House and unveil that this online store is very  popular for having a wide variety of furniture at a reasonable price. So if you’re someone who-s niche is to keep things simple, you must visit them now! 

Hanssem Mall

If you’re looking for a good quality furniture design, Hanssem Mall is perfect for you because they greatly offer sophisticated design.

Today’s House

Today’s House is very popular in Korea as an online store which sells as a one stop online shop for good quality and affordable furniture and other household goods. A lot of valuable customers give extensive reviews to their wonderful services and furniture. 

House Ggumigi

To those who are redesigning their homes, House Ggumigi online store for furniture is a perfect fit when it comes to offering you samples of complementary furniture pieces and sets. This is also similar to the Today’s House online store.


Costco Korea

Costco Korea is an online store that sells some of their goods by delivery. However, like many other Korean websites, the payment systems they use are definitely not foreigner-friendly. They do not accept regular credit or debit cards which would be inconvenient for most.

Offline Furniture Shopping 


You can peruse this link and discover that there are 16 offline Costco stores in South Korea. 

Furniture Streets

There are some streets in Korea that have stores that specialize in selling specific types of furniture. Furniture streets in Korea also offer generous discounts and you can look at the items themselves before you purchase them. These stores might not have large items like sofas or wall units, but they are worth visiting if you have the time. Try visiting these famous streets such as :Jong-ro 13 ( Office chairs, coffee shop chairs),  Hwanghak-dong ( Kitchen furniture ), Ilsan Gagu Danji ( Antique furniture, Imported furniture) 


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