Best Guide About Food Delivery in Korea

Best Guide About Food Delivery in Korea

Have you ever tried scrolling on your phone on social media and then suddenly numerous mukbang videos popped and then bum! Your tummy’s hungry. I know it is really a hassle to go outside and discover food from various restaurants in your area and even if you’re not too much into cooking, staying at home does not mean that you can’t enjoy great food with just one tap! 

Surprisingly, with just a few taps on your phones, you can now satisfy your food cravings with the best food delivery in Korea delivered right to your doorsteps. As we all know that Korea has many great food delivery services and the Korean words you need to remember! 

Even if you are a tourist in a foreign community living in Korea and sometimes you’re not confident in your Korean speaking skills, worry not because these are some Best Korean food delivery services that are available that can remove the language barrier so you won’t feel anxious when ordering. 

In this article, I have compiled the best guide for you with wonderful tips and apps that come in handy when ordering food in Korea.

But first, there are 8 Things that You Need to Know About Food Delivery in Korea. You can peruse the link and discover that these are: Delivery Services, Types of Cuisines, Ordering Process, Delivery Times, Delivery Areas, Additional Services, Delivery Fees and Minimum Orders, and lastly the Korean Language. 

Best Food Delivery Apps/Services In Korea

Yogiyo (요기요)

Android I IOS I Web Version

Yogiyo is one of the most popular food delivery services in Korea and it is named based on how you call Korean waiters when you want something. Undoubtedly, Yogiyo is very famous because its services covers all provinces in South Korea and even though Korean language was used in the phone app, it is still user-friendly as it supports the web version where you can translate it to English using google translate. It allows you to order many types of cuisines from your favorite Korean restaurants as it gives you a vast selection of food choices.

You have three choices, you can order using Android, IOS and Web Version but I highly recommend the Website Version because you can use Google to translate and view the menus and restaurants in English. Every restaurant is categorized into groups of your choices. When it comes to fast delivery and convenience features like real-time tracking of your order to estimate the delivery time, Yogiyo is the best food delivery in Korea for you! TAKE NOTE! You need to input first your address up to street number before you start browsing restaurants so that Yogiyo can show you a list of places that can deliver in your area.

Shuttle Delivery (셔틀딜리버리)

Coverage: Seoul, Busan, Songtan and Pyeongtaek (can deliver to Camp Humphreys too)

Shuttle Delivery is a tourist-friendly food delivery because it offers a fully bilingual service from a variety of Korea’s best restaurants so you can satisfy your cravings at the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you happen to be! Shuttle Delivery greatly offers the most vast range of restaurant options to choose from, Name it! South American cuisines, European cuisines, African cuisines and many more. Amazing, right?  It also has English options thus you won’t need any Google Translation. Sadly, their web is not available 24/7, they are only open from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM. 

Their payment methods are also user friendly and foreigner friendly because they support payments such as INTERNATIONAL CARDS, PAYPAL, BITCOIN. Another thing, if you’re a client with deposits, you can become SHUTTLE VIP customers. Learn more about this information about the partnership as you click and peruse this link. 

Baedal Minjok “Baemin” (배달의 민족

Android I IOS

Baedal Minjok or also called Baemin is only available as an app and has similar offerings with Yogiyo food delivery app. The only difference is the coverage of cuisines, read reviews and view menus since Baemin has a bigger coverage and has more options than other food apps. Your order will also be delivered in real-time updates. Fun fact, you can also enjoy Baemin’s additional features such as personalized recommendations, promotions, and the option to save favorite restaurants. 

It covers all provinces in South Korea and has a very user-friendly interface and it has more than 140,000 restaurants registered on the platform. Sadly, only the Korean language is available because it does not have any website services. But worry not, since the ordering and payment methods are still similar to Yogiyo. First, you need to create an account and fill up your address and same goes with the Yogiyo.   

Coupang Eats (쿠팡 이츠)

Android I IOS I Web Version

Coupang Eats is one of the top 3 best food delivery apps because they offer an English interface that’s why it has become famous in the foreign community. Amazingly, it offers fast delivery speed wherein every delivery comes within 15-20 min without fail. You can also track the real-time delivery. It can be your go-to because it supports and automatically translates to English. The only issue about this app is that since it automatically translates into English, sometimes it’s not accurate and translations often result in frustration and laughter since you can receive what you did not want to order. 

Coupang Eats also offer great discounts for select brands. You can subscribe to Coupang Rocket and it offers various benefits like Rocket Delivery, Rocket Fresh, and Rocket Direct Purchasing. 

Danggyo (땡겨요)

Danggyo is developed and run by Shinhan Bank which is a large conglomerate in Korea. This food delivery in Korea is still new. That’s why they still cannot cover a wide location in Korea but still, they offer a lot of benefits for the Shinhan Bank customers. 


  • Input your location once you sign in
  • Copy the address up to the street address
  • Choose from the two Korean address formats by searching on Naver maps

  • Payments: via payment online or payment on delivery

  • Delivery Instruction: one tip, you have the option to not deliver utensils to reduce amount of plastic waste


Korea is more particular when it comes to convenience in food choices. All of your food cravings can be ordered online through an app or websites. As we all know that it is really a hassle to join in long lines in grocery shopping thus, in this article, we have mentioned the best guide for Food delivery in Korea just for you! 

Yogiyo, Shuttle Delivery, Baedal Minjok or Baemin, Coupang Eats, and Danggyo food delivery apps allow you to order food with just a few taps so that you can now enjoy and satisfy your food cravings delivered right to your doorsteps! 

Hassle-free, user-friendly and convenient delivery service are the things that Korea offers worldwide. 

What about you? What is your favorite place to have your food delivered from? Have you had a great experience with any of these food deliveries or a particular restaurant? 

Let me know in the comments below!


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