Following K-Pop Idol Fashion! (K-Fashion Trends, Catching Up with Female K-Idols)

Following K-Pop Idol Fashion!

From the popular webtoon ‘Cheese in the Trap’, which was also adapted into a drama and a movie, the character ‘Son Min-soo’, who imitates the protagonist, has become more than just a character but a proper noun. ‘Son Min-soo’ has become a symbol of ‘imitating someone’ in the idol fandom, where fans buy the same clothes, bags, shoes, etc., worn by their favorite idols. This has led to the creation of the term ‘Son Min-soo item.’ In various online communities, phrases like ‘I did a Son Min-soo’ or ‘Bought a Son Min-soo item’ are common. Fans find joy and a sense of community in using products identical to those used by their favorite idols, making ‘Son Min-soo items’ a part of the culture. It’s a win-win situation where you can buy things you need and indulge in your fandom. Do I have my idol’s Son Min-soo item? Let’s introduce some Son Min-soo items you’ll want to follow.

IU – Scrunchie Band

Photo: IU’s SNS
The scrunchie band, a hit item in the 90s, has recently become a trendy item with basic colors and various prints for a retro vibe. IU, with her half-tied hair, added a touch of innocence with a contrasting check scrunchie band. The natural vibe added a lovely charm. The scrunchie band IU showed in her photos, revealed to be from an online store, has seen explosive popularity, leading to reorders.

EXO’s Chanyeol – Almost Blue x Union Project Backpack

Photo: Almost Blue’s SNS
Chanyeol, EXO’s sub-vocalist and main rapper, known for his distinct features and warm smile, often wears casual styles. He posted a photo on Instagram with a large backpack featuring cute keyrings. The backpack, identified as a product from ‘Almost Blue,’ popular among many K-POP stars, was a collaboration with Union Object. With trendy purple and black colors and ample storage, it’s a highly rated Son Min-soo item.

Taeyeon – MIXXMIX Two-Piece Set

Photo: Cosmopolitan
Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation, loved for her youthful looks and exceptional singing, shows off various fashion styles, from feminine to casual. In a fashion magazine photoshoot, she wore a pastel blue knit two-piece set, creating a lively date look with girlish charm. This affordable two-piece set from ‘MIXXMIX,’ priced in the 60,000 won range, can be easily purchased online and is versatile for date looks, guest outfits, and daily wear.

BTS’s Jungkook – Carhartt Long Sleeve

Photo: V Live
Jungkook, known as the golden maknae of BTS, often wears street brand Carhartt. The brand, loved by the 1020 generation, is known for its workwear heritage designs at affordable prices but high quality. Jungkook is often seen wearing Carhartt clothes in airport fashion and V Live, with the long-sleeve Carhartt being a notable Son Min-soo item. His style often involves all-black, monochrome outfits, and Carhartt items enhance this look.

Red Velvet’s Irene – Ronron Short Sleeve Tee

Photo: Irene’s SNS
Irene, the leader of Red Velvet with goddess-like visuals, uploaded a mirror selfie on Instagram. She looked comfortable yet stylish in a blue tee and casually tied hair. The playful teddy bear and rainbow-printed tee from ‘Ronron’ matched her cute image. With vintage wash prints, Irene’s short sleeve tee has been receiving a lot of attention and is currently on backorder.

NCT DREAM’s Jaemin – Compañia Long Sleeve

Photo: NCT Dream’s SNS
Jaemin from NCT Dream, proving their global popularity with their album ‘Reload,’ has a boyish look and gentle smile. His Son Min-soo item is the ‘Compañia Long Sleeve.’ He has been seen wearing it in various settings, including airport fashion. The oversized long sleeve with Compañia’s logo on the back is a famous Jaemin Son Min-soo item, adding a hip vibe to his style.

BTS’s V – Elioti Beret

Photo: TBS Osaka
BTS’s V is known for his vintage and unique fashion styling. He captures attention with his looks and fashion sense, and one item that complements him perfectly is the beret. V wore a chic all-black outfit with a black beret featuring a logo, on stage. Known as the ‘BTS V Beret,’ this product from Elioti has unique and cute details, making it an affordable and popular item among fans.

Jennie – UNIF Card

Photo: Jennie’s SNS
Jennie, the main rapper and sub-vocalist of Blackpink, captures both men’s and women’s hearts with her cat-like demeanor. She often mixes and matches luxury brand items or wears slim-fitting tops for a hip fashion style. One of her favorite brands is ‘UNIF,’ and her Son Min-soo item is a stylish striped cardigan. With a loose fit, it’s perfect for daily wear, garnering a hot response from fans.

EXO’s Baekhyun – EveNie Pajamas

Photo: YouTube
Baekhyun’s pajamas from EXO’s web variety show ‘EXO’s Ladder: World Travel’ became a hot topic. The red checkered pajamas he wore, complementing his cute looks, caused a sold-out situation. The ‘EveNie’ product, with tartan checks and a round collar, adds a playful vibe. This timeless check pattern is perfect for stylish home wear.

Chung Ha – sebs Hat

Photo: Chung Ha’s SNS
After finishing activities with I.O.I, Chung Ha captured the attention of music fans with her debut song ‘Why Don’t You Know’ in 2017. Known for her excellent dance skills and girl crush charm, she showcases versatile performances on stage but opts for active and simple styling in everyday life. The red hat she posted on Instagram, a product from the domestic brand sebs, matched her fair skin and completed a stylish fashion look.


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