Glossy Filler Lips with Korean Cosmetics Online: HeartPercent Tint (Lip Gloss) & Lip Pencil Combination

Glossy Filler Lips with Korean Cosmetics Online

Transform Your Lips into a Korean Influencer’s & Korean Idol Lipstagram: Lush and Plump Lips, Now Not Just for Viewing But for Creating!

The editor’s heart fluttered over this sensational item (!!!) that will naturally extend your lip line, just like your real lips. Introducing the amazing combination of HeartPercent’s Lip Pencil & Tint!

HeartPercent Dot On Mood Pure Glow Tint
6.8g / 18,000 KRW

First in our perfect combination is the tint! With a 38% moisture content in its highly hydrating texture, it alone can create voluminous, plush lips.

Available in 5 shades suitable for both warm and cool skin tones. The colors are subdued, without any fluorescent undertone, making them perfect for everyday use.

Wait about 10 seconds after applying to see it perfectly adhere to your lips, giving them a bouncy shine! This moist shine makes your lips look naturally plumper than they are, without the usual drying feeling of typical water tints.

Color Shades:

01 Peach Coral (Warm Tone Lip)

A fresh apricot coral color that suits spring warm tones well. When applied thinly, it has a peachy hue, but with additional layers, it becomes a coral color mixed with more pink base.

02 Pink Rose (Cool Tone Lip)

A pink color that naturally blends with the skin tone! It’s not too bright or cool, making it a universally approachable pink. (It’s similar to the natural rosy color of healthy bare lips, making it a great basic lip base!)

03 Nude Orange (Warm Tone Lip)

A calm, neutral color with a mix of orange and beige, perfect for creating a chic neutral look. It colors the lips in a true neutral tone, offering great satisfaction!

04 Mauve (Cool Tone Lip)

The editor’s favorite among all the mauve pinks tried so far! It’s a calm yet cool color that doesn’t look dull. Even when the editor, who has a spring warm tone, used it, it was extremely satisfying!

05 Red Orange (Warm Tone)

A vivid red color with an orange base that brightens up the skin tone.

HeartPercent Dot On Mood Lip Pencil
0.8g / 14,000 KRW

Create natural-looking ‘fake’ lip lines with this multi-use pencil. It adheres perfectly to the skin, boasting impressive longevity and resistance to smudging.

Available in 3 shades: Peach Beige for warm tones, Creamy Pink for cool tones, and Oat Beige for contouring.

Versatile colors suitable not just for lips, but also for eyes and cheeks!

(Left) Before vs (Right) After – Notice how much more defined the lip line becomes after using the lip pencil! Especially with 03 Oat Beige, used for shading on the lower lip, it naturally creates a shadow, making lips look more dimensional and fuller.

The editor’s favorite combination for spring warm tones is, of course, the peach combo! To better showcase the pencil, the tint is applied more towards the inside. By applying the tint along the drawn lip line, it naturally extends the lip line, making it look like part of your natural lips.

The longevity is so great that it stays put even after drinking!

The editor is already a daily user, totally hooked on this amazing combination. If you’ve been struggling with faint lip lines or smaller lips, this is a must-try item!

Highly recommended lip pencil & tint combo to give your ordinary lips the appearance of plump, filler-enhanced lips!