Top 6 Online Shops To Buy Quality and Affordable Korean Fits for Women in 2023

Top 6 Online Shops To Buy Quality and Affordable Korean Fits for Women in 2023

The love for K-culture has grown and greatly influenced women all around the world. The widely searched Korean content includes K-drama, K-pop, K-beauty makeup, and skincare products, K-food and K-fashion. Who doesn’t love K-fashion? In everything Korean online, there are fashion styles that always catch everybody’s attention, like K-drama actresses wearing trendy dresses, K-pop idols with their cute flare denim pants, and that one mukbang vlogger you watch for hours on YouTube wearing a comfy-looking sweatshirt.

For people who don’t live in Korea but want to order online to reward themselves with a cute Korean outfit, It’s challenging to look for legit websites and quite risky to pay online without the assurance of the item being shipped. 

Worry no more, we got you! 

Here are our Top 6 Online Korean shops that offer a wide array of Korean brands to choose from with choices from tops, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, and bags:

Seoulish KR

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Bustier-style Side Slit Long Dress

Price: $24.80 (32,750.88 KRW) 

Seoulish KR is an online clothing shop based in Seoul, that offers high-quality clothing at a good value for money. It’s a one-stop shop with various fashion items. Seoulish is its very own clothing line and also sells other different clothing lines like Barbie J, Ddaygirl, Lavu Market, Anyone More, and HeyLady. What’s amazing is it offers free shipping worldwide.

Products: Tops, Sets, Pants, Skirts, Dresses, Bags, and Active Wear.

Language: English


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DABAGIRL Rush Dell 2pcs Set

Price: $79.04 (104,380.22 KRW)

Kooding pretty much almost has everything we want in a clothing shop. It offers a wide array of products from apparel to necessities. This shop signals diversity and not only offer modern Korean fashion statement but also sells Traditional Hanbok. Premium brands are also sold here together with K-brands. Famous Korean Fashion brands like DABAGIRL, JustOne, Twee, and Moon are some of the many brands they sell in their shop as well. They ship local and international orders with an option to track your order on their website.

Products: Men’s and Women’s Apparel, Infant and toddler apparel, Beauty Brands, and Lifestyle Products

Language: Korean and English


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Bolitin – Platform-Heel Mary Janes

Price: US$ 38.28 (50,552.57 KRW)

YesStyle is a Korean shopping platform that specializes in selling K-beauty and K-fashion products. They offer an extensive range of options from Premium brands at an affordable price. Widely recognized as one of online’s trusted go-to shopping sites, YesStyle has a very convenient and hassle-free order system, with an option to check delivery status on-site or have an email update on your order’s delivery status. Now that’s one way to get us to want to buy more.

Products: Men’s and Women’s Apparel, Infant and toddler apparel, Beauty Brands, and Lifestyle Products

Language: English, Korean, French, German, and Spanish


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Wrinkle-padded hobo bag

Price: $30.21 (39,900 KRW)

SPAO considers itself a national brand representing Korean culture. The cloth they use to make intricate pieces they sell is from high-quality materials that give comfort and simplicity. They also have products in collaboration with popular K-brands and personas. You can order as a non-member of a site or Sign up as a member and enjoy discounts.

Products: Men’s, Women’s, and Kids Apparel

Language: English and Korean


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Rosco Mermaid Skirt

Price: $31.38 ( 41,440.43 KRW)

Codibook has over 200,000 products from popular Korean local brands for sale in its online shop, giving everyone more than enough options to choose from. It sites offers styling suggestion and pieces that go together is the best feature they have. Having this while shopping will make you look like your K-idol in that K-drama you’ve been watching.

Products: Women’s Apparel, jewelry and cosmetics

Language: Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese


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Women’s Ecosoft Cable Sweater Skirt

Price: $22.64 ( 29,900 KRW)

TOPTEN10 is known for its basic yet classy and comfortable pieces. Made from the finest materials derived locally. Made from the finest material derived locally, this clothing line made it possible for consumers to look simple, with an edge.

Products: Men’s, Women’s, and Kids Apparel.

Language: Korean and English

Korean Fashion has always been loved by people all around the world. It has become a trend that women of all ages have a Korean idol they idolize and try to imitate their fashion style. Thanks to the internet, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to type and look up online stores that offer trendy fashion clothing. Although we have easy access to search stores online, we must consider the following pointers in our searches:

  • Check the website’s legitimacy through reviews and website information.
  • Available option to shift website language to English for foreigners to understand and enjoy shopping.
  • Check shipping options if available for both local and international shipping.

With all that ticked as checked on websites you visit, you’re all set to add to your cart whatever catches your eye.

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‘You Buy, We Ship’ Service Explained

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‘We Buy and Ship’ Service Demystified

Ideal for Those Who Can’t Order Directly

This service is perfect for those who are unable to order products directly from Korean shopping malls but still wish to have items delivered to their own country.

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Transparent Payment Procedure: After reviewing your inquiry, we will send you the final price, which includes delivery and proxy fees.

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Quality Assurance and Preparation for International Shipping: Upon arrival at our office, we personally inspect the condition and status of your product, ensuring no additional costs are incurred. This step guarantees that you receive exactly what you ordered.

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The Comprehensive Benefits of Our Services

Navigating the bustling world of Korean online shopping can be a complex task, especially for those outside Korea. This is where our services step in, offering an array of benefits designed to streamline your shopping experience. Let’s delve into the core advantages you can enjoy.