How much is Han So-hee’s endorsement fee? Contracts with Lotte, NH have ended… Everyone is shocked by the unprecedented level of wealth.

How much is Han So-hee's endorsement fee? Contracts with Lotte, NH have ended... Everyone is shocked by the unprecedented level of wealth.

How much is Han So-hee’s endorsement fee? Lotte Chilsung, Cheoeum Cheoreom, NH Nonghyup contracts ended… Everyone is shocked by the unprecedented level of wealth.

As the advertisement contracts of actress Han So-hee, who was embroiled in controversy over a transfer love affair with Ryu Jun-yeol, are expiring one after another, interest in endorsement fees, appearance fees, and wealth has been growing.

Han So-hee’s endorsement fee, advertisement cost, appearance fee

Han So-hee, who had worked as a model before her acting debut, became known by being selected as a model for several clothing advertisements and appeared in many advertisements. In January, she candidly disclosed her appearance fee for a commercial advertisement before her debut in the entertainment industry on the YouTube entertainment show ‘Na Young-seok’s Na Bul Na Bul.’

At that time, Han So-hee said, “Working 12 hours a day at a beer hall, I could earn 1.8 million won. But modeling work paid 3 million won for just two hours a day.”

She also revealed her astonishment regarding the sensation-causing Ritz advertisement: “I did a snack advertisement when I was modeling and saw 20 million won appear in my account; I didn’t even have a company to share it with.”

According to Mnet’s ‘Girls Night Out’ aired in April last year, Han So-hee generated an advertisement effect worth 6 trillion won, BTS 2.6 trillion won, and NewJeans 600 billion won. It was also reported that her endorsement fee alone is the industry’s highest at 1.3 billion won, with appearance fees around 300 million won.

Lotte Chilsung Cheoeum Cheoreom, NH Nonghyup contracts ended

According to Lotte Chilsung Beverage on the 20th, the advertisement model contract with Han So-hee for the soju brand ‘Cheoeum Cheoreom’ expired in early March. Lotte Chilsung stated to Herald Economy, “We did not renew the contract after the expiration of the contract period (one year). The next advertisement model is undecided.”

It is speculated whether the influence of the love and transfer controversy with Ryu Jun-yeol affected the significantly shorter period compared to previous models such as Lee Hyori, Suzy, and Shin Min-a.

Also, the advertisement contract with NH Nonghyup Bank, where she had been a model for three years, has expired. NH Nonghyup Bank is known to be scouting for a new star model and entering advertisement shooting soon.

Han So-hee’s wealth level

In 2022, it was reported that Han So-hee purchased one unit of Villa de Grium W located in Achun-dong, Guri. The transaction amount was about 1.95 billion won, which became a topic of conversation as it was purchased entirely in cash without loans.

The village where the villa is located, Guri Archiul, is known as an artists’ village, with famous celebrities such as Son Ye-jin-Hyun Bin, Park Jin-young, Jo Sung-mo, Park Hae-mi, and Oh Yeon-seo residing there.

According to the industry, Han So-hee’s endorsement fee is 1.3 billion won, and the villa sold is known to be worth 2 billion won. The estimated wealth is expected to be around 10 billion won.

Netizens have reacted with comments such as, “She has earned enough money to play and eat for a lifetime…”, “It’s amazing how much they chase after just one relationship”, “It’s just the expiration, not cancellation, what’s the big deal~”, “It would be strange if Han So-hee couldn’t make money with her beauty.”

The Tumultuous Love Triangle: Han So-hee, Ryu Jun-yeol, and Hyeri

Blog Article: The Tumultuous Love Triangle: Han So-hee, Ryu Jun-yeol, and Hyeri

In the ever-turbulent world of celebrity relationships, the rumor mills have been working overtime. The drama unfolds with Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol at the center, surrounded by speculation, social media warfare, and public statements that have left fans and onlookers alike in a whirlwind of curiosity and shock.

The Beginning of the Controversy

The story begins on March 15, 2024, when a Japanese Instagram influencer shared a sighting of Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol together in Hawaii. This ignited rumors of a relationship, especially controversial since Ryu Jun-yeol had previously been in a relationship with Hyeri. The fire was further fueled when Hyeri, residing in a Thai resort for a shoot, posted an Instagram story with the caption “Interesting,” soon after unfollowing Ryu Jun-yeol on Instagram.

The Social Media Battle

Later that day, Han So-hee responded on her Instagram story with a picture of a dog holding a knife with a speech bubble saying “Explain this situation now,” along with her response, “I do not fancy someone who is already in a relationship, nor do I give chances under the name of friendship, or take interest, attribute relationships, or obstruct others’ love lives. While I enjoy transfer-love programs, they are not a part of my life. I find it interesting too.” This post was seen as a direct counter to Hyeri’s “Interesting.”

The Backlash and Public Statements

As the backlash grew over her provocative posts, Han So-hee took to her blog on the morning of March 16 to admit to the relationship and share her side of the story, while asking to exclude the term “transfer love” and apologizing for her Instagram story post.

Despite her attempt at clarification, criticism intensified, leading her to respond directly to netizens’ comments on her blog in the afternoon, trying to explain and apologize. However, her responses fueled the controversy further, especially when she inadvertently revealed specific details about the breakup timeline of Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri – details that neither had disclosed publicly.

The Aftermath

Faced with growing criticism, on March 17, Han So-hee changed her blog’s nickname from ‘ssohee’ to her real name ‘Lee So-hee’ and turned her once lively profile picture to a black screen, eventually making all her blog posts private or deleted. Her Instagram account followed suit, turning private in the early hours of March 18, although it was later made public again.

In a twist, Hyeri posted her own statement on Instagram on the afternoon of March 18, clarifying the exact date of her breakup with Ryu Jun-yeol and addressing the rumors and public spectacle that had unfolded.

The Larger Picture

This saga raises questions about privacy, the pressures of public life on personal relationships, and the voracious appetite of the public and media for celebrity gossip. While the parties involved navigate their personal and public lives, the incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance celebrities must maintain and the impact of social media on their personal affairs.

In the aftermath of such public scrutiny and social media battles, one can only hope for resolution and healing for all parties involved. The saga of Han So-hee, Ryu Jun-yeol, and Hyeri remains a testament to the complexities of modern love and the unyielding gaze of the public eye.


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