Girl’s Day Hyeri’s Ex-Boyfriend, Dating History & Collection of Incident Controversies

Girl's Day Hyeri's Ex-Boyfriend, Dating History & Collection of Incident Controversies

Hyeri’s Ex-Boyfriend, Dating History

2014 Tony an of H.O.T

With the arrival of spring, another celebrity idol couple has emerged, bridging the gap between generations of K-pop. Tony An, a former member of the iconic 1990s idol group H.O.T., and Hyeri, a current member of the girl group Girl’s Day, have become the talk of the town, defying a 16-year age difference to share a blossoming romance.

After over two months of gathering information and investigative reporting, The Fact reveals that Tony An, dubbed “the original idol,” and Hyeri, whose popularity is on the rise, have overcome the significant age gap. Despite their busy schedules, they’ve managed to carve out time for sweet dates, proving that the so-called distance between a “former idol” and a “current idol” is merely nominal. They share tender moments just like any other couple, whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

The couple has been cautious, utilizing personal vehicles to maintain privacy, a common strategy among celebrity pairs wary of public scrutiny. They prefer late-night drives, a choice likely aimed at avoiding the prying eyes of the public. On one occasion, after finishing her schedule, Hyeri was spotted discreetly entering Tony’s car near her agency. They drove along the less crowded Olympic Road, enjoying a private moment away from the limelight.

Tony and Hyeri were seen driving along the Olympic Road, with Tony at the wheel and Hyeri by his side. Their drive led them to a scenic café overlooking the Han River, where they continued their date. Throughout their conversation, Tony looked at his girlfriend with loving eyes and a content smile, while Hyeri, true to her twenty years, responded with cute expressions and gestures, endearing herself to Tony.

The couple eventually made their way to a café near the Han River, using an elevator in a nearby building to reach their destination. After spending a couple of hours at the café, they concluded their date and headed towards Hyeri’s dormitory. Tony didn’t leave immediately; he lingered until Hyeri safely entered the building before he headed home.

The pair’s relationship reportedly began in March, after they developed mutual admiration for each other through encounters at music broadcasts and other industry events. Tony was initially drawn to Hyeri’s cheerful, lively, and polite demeanor, which prompted him to make the first move. Hyeri, in turn, was attracted to Tony’s kindness and thoughtful nature, and their relationship grew from there. Their romance is a testament to the notion that love knows no age, especially in the fast-paced world of K-pop.

2017 Ryu Jun Yeol

In a revelation that excited fans and the public alike, Dispatch reported on August 16, 2017, that Hyeri of Girl’s Day had fallen in love – and the man in question was none other than Ryu Jun Yeol. Their relationship, which blossomed from on-screen heartbreak in the drama to real-life romance, proved that sometimes life imitates art in the most beautiful ways.

Despite their busy schedules, with Hyeri filming the movie “Monstrum” and Ryu Jun Yeol working on “Money,” the couple found time to nurture their love. They were particularly cautious, donning long padded coats and masks to maintain their privacy during their discreet meet-ups. However, their unmistakable identities shone through; Hyeri’s laughter and lively reactions were undeniable, and Ryu Jun Yeol’s distinctive eyes gleamed even in the darkness.

Their meetings were infrequent due to their professional commitments but were significant nonetheless. Hyeri often took the initiative to visit, primarily driving to Ryu Jun Yeol’s apartment in Oksu-dong. She parked her car across from his apartment complex, a strategic move to avoid prying eyes, and walked the remaining distance to his place.

They even made time for each other on special occasions, like when Hyeri returned from Europe on November 11. She went straight from the airport to Ryu Jun Yeol’s place, carrying a red shopping bag, presumably a gift, highlighting the thoughtfulness and affection that characterized their relationship.

The seven-year age gap between Ryu Jun Yeol, 30, and Hyeri, 23, did not hinder their relationship. Their bond, initially formed on the set of the drama “Reply 1988,” gradually deepened beyond mere friendship to something more meaningful. By the end of the previous year, their relationship had blossomed into romance, marking a new chapter in both their lives.

The Turbulent Times of Hyeri from Girl’s Day: A Comprehensive Overview

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri has had her fair share of ups and downs throughout her career. From controversial moments to health scares and acting critiques, Hyeri’s journey has been nothing short of eventful. This article delves into some of the notable instances that have defined her time in the limelight.

1. Rising Sun Flag T-Shirt Controversy

Back in April 2012, Hyeri was caught on camera wearing a T-shirt featuring the controversial Rising Sun Flag during a rehearsal. Unbeknownst to her, the shirt was a gift from a Japanese fan, intended as a token of gratitude for Girl’s Day’s free performance in Sendai, Japan, aimed at supporting earthquake victims. Despite the small hearts disguising the offensive pattern, the oversight was significant given the flag’s historical connotations. The incident led to an apology from the foreign fan page ‘Girl’s Day Daily,’ followed by Hyeri’s own public apology on May 2nd.

2. Fainting After a Music Show

On January 16, 2014, following a live performance on “M Countdown,” Hyeri collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, reportedly due to severe cold symptoms. Despite her condition, she insisted on completing her performance, showcasing her professionalism. However, this incident reignited discussions around the overworking of idols. The following day, Hyeri was unable to attend the live broadcast but managed to complete a pre-recorded stage for “Music Bank.” She later revealed that the cause of her fainting was the H1N1 flu.

3. Award Ceremony Attitude Controversy

At the 2014 Melon Music Awards, Hyeri was caught on camera with a seemingly mocking reaction to Beast’s acceptance speech. The footage led to accusations from Beast’s fans and the general public, prompting Hyeri to issue a personal apology to Beast member Son Dongwoon via Twitter, admitting her excitement but also her respect for the senior group. The apology tweet was later deleted, adding fuel to the controversy regarding her sincerity.

4. Alba Heaven CF Controversy

In February 2015, Hyeri faced backlash over her commercial for the job search platform Alba Heaven. Small business owners criticized the ad for portraying them negatively, sparking a heated debate among netizens. However, the majority defended the commercial’s message, advocating for fair wages. Despite the controversy, this incident elevated Hyeri’s status to that of a “labor movement icon,” albeit in a somewhat sarcastic manner.

5. Acting Controversies

Hyeri’s acting career has been a roller coaster of its own. She received praise for her role as Deok-sun in “Reply 1988,” but faced criticism in other roles, particularly in “Two Cops” and the historical film “Monstrum.” Critics and fans alike have noted her difficulty in shedding the modern, quirky image of Deok-sun for more serious roles. Despite the backlash, Hyeri continues to work on her craft, seeking to improve and expand her acting range.

6. Promotion of Younger Brother’s Online Shop Controversy

On July 6, 2019, during a broadcast of “DoReMi Market,” Hyeri unexpectedly promoted her younger brother’s online shopping site by writing its name on a piece of paper and displaying it to the camera. Although the broadcast blurred out one of the letters, netizens quickly identified the shop, which led to the site ranking in real-time searches the following day. Hyeri initially boasted about this on Instagram but faced criticism for overt promotion during the show, leading her to delete the post. She issued an apology on July 8, addressing the incident and her actions.

7. Instagram Story Controversy

The early hours of March 15, 2024, brought a new controversy when reports surfaced of Hyeri’s ex-boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol and actress Han So Hee being spotted together in Hawaii. This was followed by rumors of their romantic involvement. Hyeri responded by posting a photo from a resort in Thailand where she was staying, with the caption “Interesting,” and subsequently unfollowed Ryu Jun Yeol on Instagram, sparking speculation and controversy over the perceived implication of her post.

Later that day, Han So Hee countered with her own Instagram story, featuring a picture of a dog holding a knife with a speech bubble saying, “Explain this situation.” Her accompanying text stated that she does not indulge in relationships with committed individuals, nor does she interfere in others’ relationships, emphasizing, “I find this interesting too.”

On March 16, Han So Hee posted a statement on her blog acknowledging her relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol and apologizing to Hyeri for the Instagram story, indicating a direct response to the situation.

Finally, on March 18, Hyeri broke her silence with an Instagram post. She revealed that despite agreeing to communicate after their breakup news in November, there had been no contact with Ryu Jun Yeol thereafter. She learned about his new relationship through news articles and expressed that her reactions were as a person, not the actress. Hyeri sincerely apologized for any unfounded speculation and controversy that arose from her personal emotions.

These incidents reflect the complexities of public figures managing personal relationships in the spotlight and the challenges they face when personal events lead to public controversies.

Reflection and Moving Forward

Through all the controversies and challenges, Hyeri has shown resilience and a willingness to learn from her mistakes. While her journey has been fraught with criticism and health scares, her dedication to her work and her fans remains unwavering. As she continues to navigate the complexities of celebrity life, her story serves as a reminder of the pressures faced by those in the public eye and the relentless scrutiny they endure.

In the end, Hyeri’s experiences highlight the growth and maturity that come from facing adversity head-on. As she moves forward, her fans can only hope that she will continue to evolve and prove her detractors wrong, both as an artist and as an individual.


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