IU dating history & Networth, ex-boyfriend and rumors

IU dating history & Networth, ex-boyfriend and rumors

IU’s Journey Through Love and Stardom: From Past Romances to Current Flames and Beyond

In the glittering world of K-pop and K-dramas, few stars shine as brightly as IU, the stage name of Lee Ji-eun. With her mesmerizing voice and captivating performances, IU has not only become a household name in South Korea but has also captured hearts worldwide. As much as her professional life is an open book, filled with chart-topping hits and critically acclaimed acting roles, her personal life, especially her dating history and net worth, intrigues fans and followers alike. Let’s dive into the romantic journey of IU, exploring her past relationships, current love life, and the wealth she’s amassed through her successful career.

Who Is IU Dating Now?

Currently, IU’s heart belongs to Lee Jong-suk, a renowned actor known for his roles in popular dramas such as “W” and “While You Were Sleeping.” The couple’s relationship has become one of the most talked-about topics among fans, offering a rare glimpse into the private life of the beloved singer and actress.

A Look Back at IU’s Dating History

Jang Ki Ha

Before finding love with Lee Jong-suk, IU had her share of romantic entanglements. From 2015 to 2017, she was in a relationship with Jang Ki Ha, a South Korean singer and radio host, showcasing a significant chapter in her love life. Prior to Jang Ki Ha, rumors linked her with Eunhyuk, a member of the legendary K-pop group Super Junior, in 2012, although the details of their relationship remain much more private.

Yeo Jin-goo

Yeo Jin-goo, her co-star in “Hotel Del Luna,” also features in her rumored past romantic connections, although this relationship seems to stem more from on-screen chemistry than real-life romance.

IU: The Star Beyond the Romance

Born on May 16, 1993, in Seoul, South Korea, IU has built an illustrious career that spans from 2008 to the present. Renowned for her role in “Hotel Del Luna,” among others, she has become a symbol of talent and grace in the entertainment industry. IU’s zodiac sign, Taurus, hints at her determined and sensual nature, qualities that have no doubt contributed to her success both on and off the stage.

Throughout her career, IU has been paired with several leading men on screen, including Yeo Jin-goo in “Hotel Del Luna,” Lee Joon-Gi in “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” and Kim Soo-hyun in “Producer.” Each of these pairings has sparked rumors and fan shipping, but it’s her real-life romance with Lee Jong-suk that has fans buzzing with excitement.

IU’s Net Worth: A Reflection of Her Success

With a career filled with hit songs, sold-out concerts, and critically acclaimed acting roles, IU has amassed a considerable fortune. While the exact figure of her net worth is not publicly disclosed, it’s estimated to be in the millions, reflecting her success in the entertainment industry. Her wealth is not just a testament to her talent but also her hard work and dedication to her craft.

On the 6th, OSEN exclusively reported that IU’s per-episode fee for the new work ‘Thoroughly Fooled’, which she recently decided to join on Netflix, has soared to the 500 million won range. According to the media outlet, there were rumors that IU’s appearance fee was around 1 billion won, but this was deemed absurd, and the final guarantee was decided at 500 million won per episode.

OSEN cited sources stating that IU’s annual income is over 35 billion won, and she plans to dedicate the next year solely to filming ‘Thoroughly Fooled’, which is why she received such a guarantee. However, the production company of the drama ‘Thoroughly Fooled’ has stated through various media that “it is not true” and asked for understanding that “we cannot disclose the specific amount of the appearance fee.”

IU’s journey through love and stardom is a testament to her multifaceted personality and enduring appeal. From her past relationships to her current romance with Lee Jong-suk, her love life continues to fascinate fans. Coupled with her impressive net worth, IU’s story is one of success, love, and continuous growth, making her one of the most beloved figures in the South Korean entertainment industry. As fans, we can only cheer her on and wish her all the happiness in both her personal and professional endeavors.

Rumors about IU

The IU-Eunhyuk Twitter Selfie Incident

In November 2012, the entertainment world was shaken by a major scandal involving IU, a popular South Korean singer, and Eunhyuk, a member of the boy band Super Junior. IU accidentally posted a selfie with Eunhyuk to her Twitter account, sparking widespread speculation and controversy.

On November 10th, around 4 AM, netizens discovered the photo on IU’s Twitter-linked photo account ‘yfrog’. Although the tweet itself was not accompanied by any text, IU was using an outdated Twitter application that allowed photos to be uploaded automatically without sending them as direct messages. The photo, which was not meant to be shared publicly, became a topic of hot discussion.

By around 6 AM, two hours later, the photo was deleted, but screenshots had already been taken and articles were rapidly being published, causing the situation to spiral out of control. Fans of IU were left feeling betrayed and shocked, leading some to leave the fandom. The majority of those defending her adopted a more withdrawn stance, questioning whether fans had the right to interfere in her personal life.

The agency stated that “the two are not in a relationship, IU was visited by Eunhyuk last summer when she was sick,” but the vague explanation failed to convince netizens, leaving questions about their relationship unanswered.

Despite the controversy, IU maintained her professional commitments, including co-hosting the 2012 SBS Gayo Daejeon with Suzy. However, the incident left a significant mark on her previously wholesome public image.

Eunhyuk also suffered from the fallout, becoming the target of ridicule, sexual harassment, and hate comments. He faced further embarrassment when other celebrities and hosts brought up the incident on various TV shows.

Follow-up Incidents: Malicious Rumor Spreading and Lawsuits

On May 27, 2013, a baseless rumor surfaced suggesting that IU and Eunhyuk were planning to marry in October 2013. The origin of this rumor was dubious, filled with poor grammar and factual inaccuracies. IU’s agency promptly announced plans to take legal action against the rumor-monger, who was eventually arrested. While IU dropped charges against the individual due to their unfortunate family circumstances, she remained firm in her stance against another person who spread false pregnancy rumors.

IU’s Response

On July 23, 2013, IU appeared on the SBS talk show “Hwashin: Controller of the Heart” where she clarified the marriage and pregnancy rumors were completely false and promised legal action against those spreading falsehoods. While she apologized for the Twitter incident, she did not provide details on how the photo was taken, expressing regret for the trouble caused but also noting the complexity of publicly addressing such a personal issue.

Despite her apologies, the public’s reaction was mixed, with some dissatisfied with the lack of a clear explanation about her relationship with Eunhyuk, while others felt the apology was sufficient.


The scandal not only subjected IU to personal attacks and rumors about pregnancy and abortion but also made her more cautious about her privacy. Despite the controversy, IU’s career recovered remarkably. She returned to acting and music, releasing her third studio album “Modern Times” and continuing to top music charts. She shifted from her “nation’s little sister” image to a more mature singer-songwriter, contributing to a softened impact from the scandal.

As years passed, younger fans became unaware of the incident, indicating its fading relevance.

Other Incidents: Romance Rumors and High-End Car Controversy

In 2013, Dispatch reported IU and actor Lee Hyun-woo were dating, which both parties denied, stating they were just close friends. Additionally, in 2012, IU was wrongly reported to own an expensive Porsche Cayenne, causing backlash despite the fact she didn’t even have a driver’s license. She has since remained without a license, highlighting the baselessness of previous rumors.

In 2015, during a concert in Shanghai, IU was accidentally hit by a water bottle thrown by a fan, which she handled gracefully, downplaying the incident.

Real Estate Speculation Controversy

In January 2019, IU was accused of real estate speculation. However, she purchased the building at a higher price than the market value and made no profit from it. Despite allegations and public scrutiny, IU maintained that the property was used for personal and altruistic purposes, including providing free practice spaces for junior musicians. The controversy ultimately highlighted IU’s generosity and the support she offers to emerging artists.

Despite initial backlash, IU’s firm stance against detractors and her continued charitable actions have since won back public opinion, showcasing her resilience and kindness.

IU’s Charity in Wake of the 2019 Gangwon Wildfires

IU donated 100 million won to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation following the 2019 Gangwon wildfires. Despite some questioning her motives due to the demographics of the affected area, her contribution was genuinely aimed at helping

the victims, demonstrating her ongoing commitment to philanthropy despite facing baseless criticism.


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