Dating History of Park Min-young: Ex boyfriend face & dating with criminal?

Park Min-young's dating history and her life before undergoing cosmetic surgery have stirred interest among fans and the public alike. Speculations have emerged, especially regarding her past relationships, with rumors hinting at her involvement with an ex-boyfriend with a criminal background. Moreover, recent reports from Dispatch have surfaced, alleging that Park Min-young received a significant sum of 2.5 million won from her current boyfriend, purportedly the owner of one of Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Intriguing Dating History of Park Min-young: A Blend of Romance and Controversy

Park Min-young, a revered figure in the realm of Korean drama, has long captivated audiences with her impeccable acting skills and charismatic presence. However, it’s not just her professional life that has attracted public attention; her personal life, particularly her dating history, has been a subject of fascination and, at times, controversy.

In September 2022, Dispatch, a well-known media outlet, unleashed a new wave of interest by reporting Park Min-young’s frequent visits to a villa in Hannam-dong, indicating a serious relationship with her boyfriend. The couple appeared to be in a significant relationship, engaging with each other’s families, hinting at the depth of their connection.

However, the narrative took a dramatic turn when it was revealed that her significant other, Kang Jong-hyun, had a checkered past. Kang, an economic criminal, was previously involved in a scandal involving the forgery of KT documents and embezzlement of vast sums, leading to a three-year prison sentence. His subsequent activities included dubious financial dealings, leading to speculation about his actual influence and control over several listed companies and a cryptocurrency exchange.

By the way, it is said that Park Min-young’s ex-boyfriend, Kang Jong-hyun, founded and owns Bithumb, one of Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

The story grew more convoluted as ties with organized crime and questionable corporate activities came to light, overshadowing the initial romance and placing both Park and Kang under intense scrutiny. Park Min-young’s association with Kang raised eyebrows, as it seemed to intertwine with her professional moves, including her agency transfer and the suspicious benefits she seemed to enjoy.

As the layers of this complex narrative unfolded, it painted a picture far removed from the idyllic love story initially imagined. The revelation of Kang’s dubious past and their eventual breakup left fans and the public pondering the intricate dynamics between love, power, and morality.

Adding to the drama, Park’s legal entanglements regarding anonymous transactions and profits made through a subsidiary of the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb raised further questions. Despite the legal turmoil, Park maintained her innocence regarding the financial dealings.

This saga serves as a reminder of the intricate web of relationships in the entertainment industry, where personal lives often intersect with legal and ethical dilemmas. Park Min-young’s journey through love, scandal, and public scrutiny unfolds like a drama script, leaving fans and observers with much to ponder about the complexities of fame and the personal cost it can entail.

As Park Min-young continues her career, navigating through the challenges and triumphs, her story remains a compelling narrative of resilience, reminding us of the human aspect behind the glamorous facade of celebrity life.

“Received 250 million won for living expenses”… Park Min-young, confirmation of financial support from Kang Jong-hyun”

In September 2022, when rumors of a relationship with Kang Jong-hyun surfaced, Park Min-young promptly broke off the relationship. She announced the breakup simultaneously with the acknowledgment of their relationship. The reason for the breakup was stated as “I didn’t know he was that kind of person.”

At that time, Park Min-young also drew a line regarding monetary gifts (money + car + luxury items). She officially stated, “I have never received financial support. My sister also resigned as an outside director of ‘InnoGene’.” However, while in a relationship with Kang Jong-hyun, Park Min-young received 250 million won in cash. Dispatch confirmed that money from Kang Jong-hyun’s related company was deposited into Park Min-young’s personal account.

According to the prosecution’s indictment, Park Min-young received the money through a three-step process: 1) Funds from Kang Jong-hyun’s affiliate company (‘IT’) -> 2) Payment of executive director’s loan from ‘IT’ -> 3) Deposit into Park Min-young’s personal account.

“During business custody, company funds of 250 million won were transferred to Shinhan Bank account under the name of OO CEO as executive director’s loan, and then transferred to Park Min-young’s Woori Bank account for discretionary use for living expenses, etc.” (Evidence List No. 100)

Kang Jong-hyun withdrew money from affiliate companies in the form of executive director’s loans and provided it to Park Min-young under the guise of “living expenses.” This directly contradicts Park Min-young’s claim of never receiving financial support. The prosecution indicted Kang Jong-hyun last year, stating, “He embezzled company funds to acquire stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies. He also intended to use the embezzled funds for personal luxury purchases.” He is known to have embezzled over 60 billion won. If some of that money was spent on Park Min-young, it would be difficult to avoid moral criticism. Currently, Bithumb and InnoGene are suspended from trading.

Furthermore, Park Min-young underwent a prosecution investigation in February last year. Traces of anonymous transactions were discovered during Kang Jong-hyun’s related company’s convertible bond participation process. While her agency explained her as a “mere reference,” suspicions of improper benefits have not been dispelled.

Park Min-young: A Glimpse into the Life of a Versatile Actress

Born on March 4, 1986, in Cheongdam-dong, Seocho District, now part of Gangnam District in Seoul, South Korea, Park Min-young has grown into a celebrated actress in the Korean entertainment industry.

Standing at 164 cm and weighing 47 kg, she embodies grace and talent, with a blood type of O and a family that includes her parents and an older sister, Park Min-ah, born in 1983. Not to forget her beloved pet dog, Leon, who adds joy to her life.

Education and Early Life:

Park’s journey into the acting world is as inspiring as her performances. She spent her middle and high school years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, which ignited her dream of acting fueled by a longing for her homeland and its culture. Upon convincing her mother, she returned to South Korea, passed the high school equivalency exam, and later pursued higher education at Dongguk University, earning a bachelor’s in Theatre and a master’s in Performing Arts.

Career Debut:

Park Min-young’s venture into the limelight began in 2005 with a commercial for SK Telecom’s ‘JUNE’, marking her entry into the industry. Her real breakthrough, however, came with her role in the hit sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick”, which paved the way for a successful acting career.

Acting Prowess:

Known for her hardworking nature, Park has consistently appeared in at least one production every year, establishing herself as a prominent figure among actresses of her generation. Her ability to portray a wide range of characters, from romantic to historical figures, showcases her versatility and dedication to her craft.

Despite early critiques of her emotional expressions, Park has continuously refined her skills, evident in her remarkable diction and voice projection. Her performance in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” in 2018 exemplified her excellent diction, akin to that of an announcer. Over the years, she has effectively addressed any shortcomings, securing leading roles in significant dramas such as “Glory Jane” and “Queen for Seven Days”, thereby earning respect and recognition for her acting capabilities.

Personal Life and Public Image:

With a personality type of INFP, Park Min-young presents a blend of introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving traits, contributing to her deep and empathetic portrayals on screen. Her affiliation with Hook Entertainment signifies her professional endeavors and commitment to her craft.

Park Min-young’s career, marked by relentless improvement and diverse roles, underscores her position as a notable and respected actress in the Korean drama industry. Despite the ups and downs of celebrity life, her unwavering dedication to acting and personal growth continues to inspire many, making her a true icon of Korean drama.


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