Korean Online Shopping Websites You’ll Surely Love!

Korean Online Shopping Websites You’ll Surely Love!
Korean Online Shopping Websites You’ll Surely Love!

In these times where everything is convenient with just one tap on your phone, I know it is really a hassle to go out and join long lines in the grocery stores that will dread you out. Online shopping is very convenient in Korea and numerous websites offer same and next day delivery options. 

As we all know that G-Market lands as the number 1 korean shopping site and is also one of the most popular online websites for foreigners because it’s partially in English, in this article, we have compiled the best lists of Korean Online Shopping Websites that you will surely love! 

We have prepared a summary of different websites with discount online retailers that offer a variety of products like household products, furniture, clothes, toys, electronics, books, gifts, sporting equipment, pet supplies, food, and also travel packages.   

Check this out and experience hassle-free online shopping in Korea! 

We make Price


Hyundai Mall





Ticket Monster


Online Shopping for GROCERIES? We Got You!

If you’re in a bit of a rush and you want to deliver your groceries in no time, you have to order early enough in the day because sometimes delivery schedules for that day are already full. Another thing, worry not about your ordered frozen goods because it will be delivered and packed with ice so that it will still be fresh. 

Check these legit websites as you shop for your perishable items and groceries!

Coupang Fresh



Kim’s Club 

G8 Fresh

Market Kurly 

Online Shopping for FURNITURE? We Got You!

When it comes to ordering some furniture online in Korea, you don’t have to worry about your large items at home because you can also tap someone to help you assemble it. 



Modern House

Todays House

House Ggumin


Online Shopping for TICKETS? We Got You!

If you want to purchase tickets to concerts, shows and events feel free to visit these links for you to achieve your interests when it comes to music, entertainment and you can have some discounts too!

Yes 24



Auction Ticket 

Online Shopping for ELECTRONICS? We Got You!

We got you with these amazing websites for online shopping in electronics. Although you can still find furniture on other websites, these three links below will give you the best great specialties. Browse it now! 

Device Mart



Online Shopping for COSMETIC/PHARMACY

In the realm of the cosmetic industry, we only have these two amazing websites for online shopping in Korea to get the best make-up that your K-idols are also using! You want to purchase some Korean skin care and make products now? Then what are you waiting for, click these two links below and beautify yourselves.  


Olive Young 


Korea also supports these smaller independent sellers wherein you can freely browse products and find multiple vendors where you can easily compare prices. I highly suggest the Naver Shopping and Daum Shopping. 



Naver Shopping

Daum Shoping


Have you ever tried being in the mood where you want to purchase used items online and you’re just clueless about where websites you can find it? In this list of best choices, I know the first thing that comes to mind are facebook and Craiglists marketplace, but there are also good stores online in Korea and these are the following: 

Karrot/Danggn Market

Hello Market



Korea is very popular in offering you fast and convenient online shopping services wherein you can literally get almost anything you want in a day! Additionally, these shopping requests take around 20-30 minutes to get done on average, but still it depends on your situation or location. 

I know it can be challenging especially for international consumers to purchase from these websites because they can only receive payment through Korean bank transfers, but worry not because you can just simply send our website the link of what you want to purchase and we will accommodate you immediately!

What are you waiting for now? Experience now the hassle-free online shopping in Korea! 


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