Real Comment from Korean Man: What do Korean men think about Vietnamese women?

Real Comment from Korean Man: What do Korean men think about Vietnamese women?

Recently, there has been a noticeable increase in Korean men engaging in romantic relationships and marriages with Vietnamese women. Stories of such unions are proliferating across Korean internet communities. We have compiled reviews from Korean men who have actually dated and married Vietnamese women, providing an authentic glimpse into these cross-cultural relationships.

Additionally, we will explore the lively reactions from other Korean male netizens to these trends. Community posts often cite common reasons why Korean men are attracted to Vietnamese women, including their physical resemblance to Korean women, cuteness, slim figures, and strong survival skills. Join us as we delve into this fascinating topic and understand the dynamics of these international relationships from various perspectives.

Netizen 1’s Responses (Korean Man with 26 yo)

I am preparing to travel to Southeast Asia and I am reading the writings of Koreans who have traveled to Southeast Asia. (I haven’t been there yet.) According to many articles posted on a Korean Internet site, Vietnamese women have the most beautiful appearance in Southeast Asia. However, they are very wary of outsiders, so it is not easy to get along with them. There are many views about Vietnam. There are positive views that food is abundant, family is important and hard-working, and there are negative views such as cheating or lying to tourists. However, the curiously consistent view is that they were surprised that the Vietnamese women were much more beautiful than they expected.

Netizen 2’s Responses (Korean Man who dated a Viet woman)

If any brothers are interested in dating Vietnamese women, listen to my story, haha.

I’m a typical guy in my 30s, not particularly tall.

I dated a Vietnamese girl, who was a student in Korea and about 7 years younger than me, for around two years.

She was petite, cute, and pretty.

We met through Tinder – and no, this isn’t a Tinder promotion.

First off, the girl I dated wasn’t from a poor family.

Her mother was a manager of a five-star hotel in the southern part of Vietnam, earning over 200 million VND a month, which is quite a bit after taxes.

Here’s what I experienced from dating a Vietnamese girl:

  1. Strong survival skills:

Her mother used to send her about 750,000 KRW per month. Her monthly expenses for her studio apartment, including utilities and rent, came to around 350,000 KRW. She had to live on 400,000 KRW for the rest of the month, which is quite tight given South Korea’s living costs.

Despite her broken Korean, she tirelessly found part-time jobs to cover her living expenses and even treated me often. She was too proud to ask her parents or me for money when she was short.

Though younger, I found her incredibly mature and strong in terms of survival skills.

  1. Caring nature:

I’ve never really received much from my previous Korean girlfriends. I was the textbook definition of a pushover.

Typically, the financial split was 80:20. I started working early and earned decent money, and although my ex-girlfriends were students, they hardly ever thanked me for anything, which I just brushed off back then.

However, this Vietnamese girl was different. She always tried to reciprocate whenever she received something. Even knowing she was financially struggling as a student in Korea, she tried to show her gratitude.

If I bought her a 500 KRW ice cream, she always made sure to express her thanks. And for the first time in my life, I received a birthday cake from my girlfriend. She rented a party room, decorated it beautifully, and had a photo session with a cake that had my name on it.

I was genuinely moved by this gesture… It made me forget all the past grievances and feel extremely grateful towards her.

This was the birthday present I received at the time, making me around 27 in Korean age.

Besides, I really enjoyed the meals she cooked for me in her apartment.

  1. High libido:

This might vary from person to person, but it’s not about being promiscuous. She took the initiative in understanding and actively engaging in our intimate life.

Unlike my Korean ex-girlfriends, who were rather passive, she took charge, which was a complete role reversal for me.

She had a high libido and made sure we both were satisfied, contributing to my weight loss of about 5 kg during our relationship, haha.

  1. Intense possessiveness:

She needed to know everything I was doing. She suggested we install a location-tracking app, and would monitor wherever I went.

If I didn’t contact her after work, she’d send messages every 30 minutes asking why I wasn’t responding.

She insisted my KakaoTalk profile picture should always be a photo of her.

This was exhausting because it led to endless inquiries from people around me asking if I was dating a foreigner, which I found particularly tiring even though she wasn’t embarrassed about it. I don’t usually change my profile picture, so this was new to me.

She was extremely sensitive about any pictures of other women on my phone or my interactions with female friends.

She seriously told me she would cut off my genitals if I cheated on her. Even after breaking up, she called me 50 times and waited in front of my company, which was quite frightening.

  1. Stubbornness:

She never listened to me, haha. She believed she was always right.

She even said that if we got married, I would have to live in Vietnam with her.

When I asked what I would do there, she suggested I could teach Korean.

But I had no intention of leaving Korea, to which she bluntly questioned why I was dating her if I didn’t plan to follow through with such commitments.

There were more instances of her being stubborn, but I can’t remember them all, haha.

Breaking up was difficult as she would easily suggest ending the relationship, which was stressful for me.

It’s been a while since we broke up, but looking back, there seem to be more good memories.

She seems to be doing well, having moved on with a new Korean boyfriend, and I’m also seeing someone new.

If you’re curious about anything more than what I’ve shared, feel free to ask, haha.

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