Will a Korean girl date an Indian guy? (Real Korean’s Comment)

Will a Korean girl date an Indian guy? (Real Korean's Comment)

The recent wave of Hallyu (the Korean Wave) and its global impact have spurred the creation of numerous international relationships. Amid this, various internet communities are flooded with questions like “Will a Korean girl date an Indian guy?” This surge of curiosity is largely attributed to the popularity of K-pop, which has significantly raised the visibility of Korean women globally. In this context, we aim to explore the reactions from both online communities and actual Korean individuals to such questions.

Korean Woman’s Comment

Indian man’s comment who dated a Korean woman

The commenter is an Indian individual who has had personal experience dating a Korean woman, maintaining a relationship for 2.5 years before they separated due to private reasons. The commenter notes the presence of several Indian-Korean couples and mentions a friend, also Indian, who is currently dating a Korean woman and might consider marriage within the next four years. Their relationship appears to be flourishing.

However, the commenter points out a significant challenge: less physically attractive or darker-skinned Indian men rarely succeed in forming romantic relationships with Korean women. This observation isn’t to undermine the importance of inner beauty, which the commenter values more, but to highlight the intense beauty standards prevalent in Korean society. These standards, along with some negative perceptions about India, can act as substantial barriers to romance.

Despite not considering themselves highly attractive, the commenter emphasizes the importance of personal care, such as regular skincare, bathing, and exercise. They suggest that to be appealing to Korean women, Indian men need to be not just well-groomed but also intelligent, talented, and academically successful, reflecting the high expectations and challenges in cross-cultural dating dynamics in Korea.

Korean woman’s thread who dating a Indian guy

My boyfriend is Indian, and it hurts my heart to see so much hate and negative posts about Indian people here. He thinks even the students at KAIST aren’t good at studying, but I believe that there are indeed smart Indian people. However, it seems like many people hate them because of religious reasons. My boyfriend isn’t religious, drinks alcohol, and eats everything without fuss, lol.

Korean woman who married to Indian man

A Korean woman who likes an Indian guy at work

“I met an Indian guy while traveling in the USA, introduced by a friend.

He is an IT manager at a well-known company.

I think he is kind, intelligent, and a good person, thoughtful and considerate. He is gentle, born in India but educated in the USA, worked in Singapore, and then moved back to the USA.

He is interested in me and wants to meet seriously.

I’m just an average person who can communicate in English, and I’ve never been in an international relationship before…

He looks cute, but when I told my best friend about him…

She said Indian guys are really bad and treat women like animals. But I wonder, if a person is educated and has well-established values, would it be okay?

I welcome all opinions and experiences from others.”

The comment section (translated)


In Korea, there are many Indian-Korean couples, reflecting the diverse nature of our globalized world. However, despite the existence of these varied pairings, it’s evident that prejudices and barriers still persist at a significant level. This indicates that while international relationships are becoming more common and accepted, societal biases and challenges remain prevalent.
It is important for individuals to recognize these existing stereotypes and work towards a more open and inclusive understanding of cross-cultural relationships. The reality of these unions highlights the beauty and complexity of our increasingly interconnected world, but it also underscores the need for a deeper societal shift towards acceptance and understanding.

Korean woman & Indian Man love story


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