Real Korean Netizen Responses: Two Months Review of Dating a Vietnamese Girlfriend as a Korean Man (+Reply)

Real Korean Netizen Responses: Two Months Review of Dating a Vietnamese Girlfriend as a Korean Man (+Reply)

This is the translated content from the real K-netizen’s thread.

Title: Two Months Review of Dating a Vietnamese Girlfriend as a Korean Man

I’m a Korean man in my early twenties dating a Vietnamese girlfriend who is two years older than me but speaks Korean well.

Firstly, she’s short but has a balanced body shape, small but feels big?

We met through a dating app, talked for a month, then started dating.

During our relationship, I’ve heard interesting stories. Korean men often suggest going to motels, which she finds distasteful and feels they look down on her.

She treats me really well, inviting me to her place, cooking for me, and giving me massages when I’m sick, although I requested them. However, she values her pride. When we argued last time, she apologized first.

She’s not very jealous, but sometimes she doesn’t like me being with other girls, which makes me feel uncomfortable.

As mentioned earlier, she’s very submissive, doing whatever I ask. She often pays for drinks if I buy meals, showing her willingness to take care of me.

Although she doesn’t express love directly, I feel loved by her actions. I prefer not being jealous, and she seems to understand and want to show off her boyfriend.

She puts more weight on our relationship than I do, talking about future plans. She’s a university student studying abroad in Korea, seems to live comfortably, and has more money than me, even though she’s just in her early twenties and on a hiatus from school.

Now for the downsides:
When angry, she becomes overly sensitive and emotional. For example, if I go out and don’t contact her, she worries that I’ll leave her, which stresses me out.

When she’s upset, communication becomes difficult. If I try to mediate, she becomes stubborn. In such cases, I tend to avoid discussing it until later.

Her skin color is very dark. She’s from Hanoi, loves taking photos, has a lot of clothes, isn’t good at drinking, usually drinks only beer occasionally, and often checks my phone when we’re together, which made me suspicious at first, but later I realized she was just checking to see if my battery was low.

In summary, when things are peaceful, I feel truly loved, but we still have some differences to work through, causing conflicts occasionally, like the Cold War between the US and the USSR, which can be burdensome.

I’m a man in my early twenties, and my girlfriend is in her mid-twenties. We talked about marriage, but she wants to wait a bit longer.

Dating a Vietnamese girl is different from dating a Korean girl. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.



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