Real Review of a Korean Man’s Experience Using Tinder (Meeting Foreign Women)

Real Review of a Korean Man's Experience Using Tinder (Meeting Foreign Women)


Title: Review of a Korean Man’s Experience Using Tinder (Meeting Foreign Women)
I met her through pen pals when she came to Korea

We spent about 10 days together. We met around May last year.

I met her thinking she was single, but after meeting her, she said she had a boyfriend. I wondered if she was in her right mind.

Still, I had the mindset that I wouldn’t interfere with someone who had a boyfriend. I even told her that if she was going to draw the line, she should draw it, as I didn’t want any responsibility. But we ended up sleeping together multiple times. She even booked a hotel room worth 600,000 won saying she wanted to stay together. I thought she was crazy. Later I found out that the person I was meeting was engaged.

She is 26 in Korean age, and I am 28 now.

I was more shocked and didn’t think deeply, and thought it was just a moment. I thought I was the second affair for her, that she escaped her first affair and got engaged after meeting me. As I mentioned, she looked light and impulsive to me, and I didn’t think of her as girlfriend material at all.

Even when I returned to my home country, she continued to contact me every day until I returned to Korea. We met up to November.

When I came back to Korea, I didn’t think seriously about her, and didn’t want to think about crazy things like, “Is she coming because of me?” and confirmed that it wasn’t because of me. When I returned to Korea, I was too busy to meet her, but I picked her up at the airport because of my dog and luggage. We met only three times until the end of November, and even then, she came to my place, which was 1.5 hours away from her. We only had dinner together for about two hours, and we had only hugged until then. I didn’t want any stress or thoughts because of the exam.

I failed the exam, and I was down until mid-December. I couldn’t live normally until then, and I felt sorry for meeting her. I met her during that time, and I was so down that I couldn’t even sleep with her because of my mental state.

One day, before going to bed in the same bed, she asked me if I still had the same thoughts, if I didn’t want a girlfriend, and how I felt about meeting her.

My answer was that I didn’t have the luxury to focus on my life, I didn’t have the luxury to care about myself, and life was heavy. I didn’t think I had a place to give to anyone else. (I had already said this to her before we hugged for the first time in May. I didn’t think about having a girlfriend at all.) She accepted it, and we continued to be FWBs. If I had thought that she really liked me, I wouldn’t have done FWBs because I didn’t want to use someone’s emotions. It was confusing for me because it was my first time with FWBs.

She said she liked me, but I felt that she and her words were light to me. She used to get drunk and miss the last train and go home with another Korean guy’s car, or meet other men online. She said she took her friends home, but even if I knew about it, she took more than two people to her house or suddenly called me and said she couldn’t pick up the phone because she was watching a movie with her male friend at her house. I don’t think this is a cultural difference. I don’t know if it’s because of a lack of courage or what it is. I don’t think this is a cultural difference. I don’t know if it’s because of a lack of courage or what it is.

She suddenly changed her mind and said, “Let’s take it slow,” but she thought she was already considered a girlfriend at work or something else. She said that if she was just dating someone, she would ask me to come whenever I wanted. I always thought she was waiting for me, considering that she spent Christmas with me. She said that Christmas is the happiest day for her, but it doesn’t seem like that in Korea, sadly lonely.

She met someone on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and even on Christmas Day, she said she would only see me until the afternoon, but she met until the evening. She even got drunk and said she had a great time. That person was her colleague, and he was even older, 35… It was a new face.

I thought he was someone I met before. If he was, I would have been more comfortable. If he had known I met him before, I would have been more comfortable.

I wanted to spend New Year’s with her, so I asked her to spend it together, but she said, “Maybe, maybe not, depends.” So I went to her house on the 30th Saturday because I finished work at around 4 p.m., and I was there from noon until the evening. She suddenly called me around 12 p.m. It was the first time she called me out of nowhere. I went to her house and talked to her, showing her pictures of my friends and talking about introducing her to my friends. When I showed her a group picture of my friends and said she wasn’t single, she said, “Guess what, someone is also not solo anymore from lunch,” and she said she really liked me and thought she could change my answer and continue this relationship. At first, I thought she was joking, but I was shocked when she said it twice. Then I felt like a puzzle piece was fitting together. The day before, she had drinks with her colleague and stayed with him until the afternoon, so she called me in a hurry, and I thought she might come unexpectedly. I was so sick from the flu that I was bedridden for a week. I was completely devastated, not because of work, but because of my body.
She was with someone she had met during that week, and she was the person I met when I was sick for a week.

She said that she knows Korean culture is like this, but it’s too fast, so let’s take more time, but whether it’s a language barrier or what, she’s already considered a girlfriend at work or something, but she said she can save more money because she and her boyfriend work at the same company and go on business trips a lot, and they even showed me a room to rent because of various reasons. She even showed me her boyfriend’s picture and talked about how they were going to live together. But even though she said she still has feelings for me, she still has feelings for me.

I still think about her and hate her and like her. I’m not clean either. I wrote this from my perspective, and I’m sorry for giving mixed feelings.

That’s the end. It’s the end. I realized it too late. I have to endure the rest. Did she really like me?

Can I say she waited for me and forgot about me?

I can’t tell my friends, so I’m writing here.

  1. Met a fiancée when she came to Korea last May
  2. Two confessions and two refusals since October last year
  3. All reasons aside, I started to like her and went to another Korean guy
  4. I realized that I love her so much

In summary, last May, I met a woman who was visiting Korea. Since then, there have been two confessions and rejections, and she became involved with another Korean man. I realized too late that she liked me. She claims to still have feelings for me, but I am confused. Nevertheless, I still cannot forget her and am experiencing mixed emotions.


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