Stray Kids: Rumors, Gossip, and Scandal OverviewStray Kids

Stray Kids: Rumors, Gossip, and Scandal OverviewStray Kids

Stray Kids: Overview of Rumors, Gossip, and Scandals

Stray Kids, a prominent South Korean boy band, has been the subject of various controversies and incidents throughout their career. Here’s an overview of some notable events:

Group Incidents:

  • Traffic Accident Involving Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Seungmin: On September 20, 2023, around 2 AM, after finishing their schedule, a vehicle carrying Stray Kids members Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Seungmin was involved in a minor traffic collision. Thankfully, all members and staff in the vehicle were reported to have sustained only minor injuries such as muscle pain and bruises. As a result, the band had to cancel several upcoming events, including their appearance at Milan Fashion Week and Seungmin’s birthday live stream. Only the sub-unit 3RACHA attended the scheduled New York Global Citizen Festival due to this incident.

Individual Incidents:

  • Bang Chan’s Junior Artists Greeting Controversy: In May 2023, Bang Chan addressed what he perceived as a decline in basic manners among younger artists during a live broadcast, without naming anyone specifically. His comments led to widespread speculation and rumors about whom he was referring to, causing controversy and debates about basic etiquette in the industry. This led to a backlash and eventually, Bang Chan issued an apology on Stray Kids’ official Instagram. Following this, the regular broadcasting of “Chan’s Room” ended, which stirred further discussion among fans.
  • Hyunjin’s School Bullying Allegations: In February 2021, Hyunjin was accused of school bullying by an individual claiming to be his middle school classmate. JYP Entertainment responded by pausing Hyunjin’s activities to investigate the claims. Hyunjin then issued a handwritten apology, and it was announced that he had personally apologized to the accuser, who accepted his apology and wished him well. Despite this, Hyunjin took a hiatus from group activities to reflect on his actions. He resumed his activities with the digital single “Mixtape: On Track” in June 2021, after dedicating his time to reflection and community service during his hiatus.

These incidents have tested Stray Kids as individuals and as a group, impacting their public image and their relations with fans. Despite these challenges, Stray Kids continues to be a significant force in the K-pop industry, navigating the complex landscape of public opinion and personal growth.


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